Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Lexington Ky Tour

Posted by michellumb55 on April 2nd, 2022

So you want to go to Lexington KY, huh? Well, we can’t blame you! We know there are lots of reasons why folks want to visit our beautiful city and it’s natural that you might be wondering what the best places are to see while you’re here. If that’s the case, let us help with this handy guide for your calendar Lexington KY! We’ve put together some of the favorite locations, activities, and recommendations to make sure your trip is everything you wanted it to be—and then some! Check out these amazing tips as you plan your calendar Lexington KY and get ready to have a wonderful time in Lexington KY!

Know When To Come: There Is No Bad Time To Visit Lexington, But Sometimes Are Better Than Others.

The Kentucky Horse Festival (April) is one of Kentucky’s biggest festivals and celebrates horses, horseback riding, and all things equestrian. A horse show highlighting both dressage and jumping competition is also held as part of festival activities. The event is free for spectators, but visitors must pay an entrance fee to enter Central Park where it’s held. Don’t miss: Live music performances are a highlight of Riverfest in May. Thousands of spectators flock to downtown for concerts, food vendors, craftsmen displays and more than 100 boat races on both sides of the Ohio River.

What To Do: There Is Much To Do And See In Lexington

There is much to do and see in Lexington, Kentucky. It’s a bustling college town that has been dubbed horse country, due in large part to its proximity to nearby farms. This is why it\'s also known as the thoroughbred capital of the world. In fact, Kentucky Derby Festival events draw more than 500,000 visitors annually. If you\'re planning a trip there, here are some tips on how best to plan your visit: Get Incentives: You can get plenty of free incentives by visiting businesses during their special promotions. These may be discounts or free gifts given at some stores during holidays like Christmas or Valentine\'s Day - and even other occasions like birthdays and employee anniversaries!

Where To Stay: Choose Where You Will Stay Carefully.

A lot of tourists get caught up in a hectic schedule. You want to take in all that you can, but it’s easy to miss out on things when you\'re hopping from one place to another. Take some time to learn about where you’re staying before your trip. If you are on a tight budget, there are many places in downtown and surrounding areas of Central Kentucky that will allow you to experience everything there is to offer without having to spend an arm and a leg. Alternatively, if money isn\'t an issue for your group, then staying at top-notch hotels like The Omni or 21c Museum Hotel might be just what your trip needs! It will also leave more room in your schedule for exploring – after all, it’s vacation!

Eat Well: Lexington Has Great Food Options.

Eat as well as you can. A meal high in fat and sugar, or low in nutrients, can make you feel tired. When exploring a new city, your best bet is often to eat at a restaurant that specializes in local cuisine or at one of many food trucks scattered throughout downtown Lexington. Aside from fueling your body with good fuel, you’ll also be supporting local businesses!

Drink Local: Lexington’s Breweries And Bourbon Distilleries Are World Famous.

If you’re a fan of craft brews and artisan spirits, then it’s a good idea to pre-game in advance so that you don’t run out of cash at your tour. There are many places around town where you can try some of Kentucky’s finest bourbon and local beers, including Stave & Steel, Holy Grale and The Burl. It might be best to start here instead of after your tour; you never know how much liquid courage you\'ll need to stand next to the statue. And hey, on your tour, there will be samples at every stop - what better way to get yourself loosened up? Enjoy responsibly!

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