Top 10 Tips For Booking Gatwick Airport Car Hire

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Choosing a car rental company seems a bit random. Some people have their tried and tested favorites, but are they getting the best of what\'s on offer? Others just don\'t know where to start. In any case, a helping hand is welcome. Pre-booked car rental directly from the airport terminals is actually very simple.

Airport cars These top ten tips will help you cut down on the time and effort of finding and choosing the best Gatwick airport car hire company for your needs.

1. Book the right car
When booking, you must ensure that you choose the type of vehicle that best suits your needs, such as a 4x4, a truck or a cool subcompact. You will need to book child seats, booster seats, ski racks or roof racks in advance, and be aware that you will need somewhere to put your luggage, so check if your chosen vehicle allows this.

2. Stick to the truth
It is important to be honest with the car rental company you choose. Some companies impose age restrictions or surcharges for drivers under 25 or over 65 years old - and are recognized in the approval, otherwise your insurance may be invalidated in the event of a claim.

3. Check the fine print on car rentals in Gatwick.
Always read the terms and conditions for information on limited mileage, full tank deposit, one-way rentals, congestion fees, parking and traffic fines, and cancellation fees. This information is usually easy to find on the websites of individual car rental companies. Keep reading to find out where to find these companies in one place.

4. Opening hours of car rental Gatwick
Make sure the car rental company you choose is open 24/7 at the terminal and that it is possible to return the keys if you are running late.

5. Check for damage
Upon pick-up, inspect the car for damage and obtain a signature from the car hire company at Gatwick Airport confirming any damage you may find.

6. Confirm fuel
Make sure you know what type of fuel your car is using, it\'s not always obvious and can lead to disaster if you fill your car with the wrong fuel!

7. Pre-departure checks
Check and note the fuel and odometer readings before driving. Most car rental companies at Gatwick Airport will require you to return the car with the same fuel that was in the car\'s tank when you picked up the car, and mileage limits are often detailed in your terms and conditions.

8. Don\'t get lost!
Upon arrival at the airport, car rental companies can be found at the car rental buildings on Lower Forcourt Road in Gatwick North and South Terminals. Ask for a map for your trip, all good car rental companies will provide one.

9. Book early to get an early booking discount
Definitely a bargain to book in advance, it will give you better rates compared to just showing up the same day. Some companies also offer early booking discounts, so get started as soon as you confirm your flight details.

10. Find Online Car Rentals at Gatwick Airport
A large number of companies offer car hire at Gatwick Airport, so finding and choosing the best one for your needs can be time-consuming. The internet has helped cut down on search time, and websites like the Gatwick Airport information site provide Gatwick Airport car rental information in one place, putting an end to searching the internet for what you want. Gatwick Airport\'s information website allows visitors to access leading car rental providers, helping visitors compare cars and prices offered and find the best deals available.

All you have to do now is follow these simple steps to find and book your Gatwick Airport car rental hassle-free.

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