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Posted by Liz Seyi on April 4th, 2022

Whether you wish to treat yourself or spoil a loved one or colleague, a hamper can be a lovely present to be appreciated and enjoyed. Full of all the intended recipient’s favourite things, the possibilities regarding the creation of the perfect hamper are more-or-less endless! 

You may, though, find it difficult to narrow down what needs to go inside your hamper, and how to make it in the first place. Fortunately, below, we have detailed the tips and tricks you need if you are to create the best hamper you possibly can.

Choose the right filling paper

Before you even put anything in your hamper, you need to make sure whatever gifts are stored inside will be well-protected from unsteady movement such as knocks, trips or bumps. 

To do this, you will need to choose the right hamper filling paper. Plush, eco-friendly, and quality shredded paper should do the trick: the more effectively the presents inside are cushioned, the more likely your hamper is to survive any car journey or trip up the stairs intact. 

For a funky addition to your hamper, bold zig-zag hamper filling paper could add plenty of character and charm. 

Make sure your hamper has a clear theme

A hamper full of miscellaneous goods, included without rhyme or reason, isn’t perfect. Instead, it might be messy and confusing! So, make sure your hamper has a clear theme. 

For everything from the hamper filling paper to the gifts within, keep a few things in mind: who is the hamper for, and what interests do they have? 

Some fun themes could be a food hamper – containing items such as cheese or chocolate – or a movie-themed hamper. Or what about a gardening hamper, or even a hamper full of nice tea? 

Determine – and stick to – a budget

Whatever the size of your hamper budget may be, it is important to at least set a budget – and then be disciplined about your compliance with it. 

The good news is that your budget being small doesn’t mean you can’t make the most amazing hamper ever! After all, the best gifts are often sentimental ones, small and handmade. 

To save money when making your hamper, consider making the hamper items yourself; homemade chocolate cookies, origami creations and even a few sentimental photos can go a really long way. 

What should you put in your hamper? 

Referring back to the theme of your hamper, a hamper can include (almost) anything and everything! As long as the contents are personal and appropriate for the intended recipient, you can’t really go far wrong. 

Let’s imagine, for example, that you’ve decided your hamper should be wine themed. A bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses will complement each other very well, and are sure to be utilised by the person who receives your hamper – presuming they’re enthusiastic about wine, of course. 

What about the hamper itself?

As for the actual material that your hamper is made from, there are a lot of options here, too. As a DIY project, you could convert an old shoebox or piece of cardboard. Second-hand baskets also come reasonably cheap, are easily reused, and bring plenty of space to be filled with lovely gifts and treats. 

Once you’ve decided what your hamper is going to be made out of, arranging the goodies inside might seem pretty easy. You could overlap items, or place them side by side with hamper filling paper in between, or whatever looks most appealing.

There you have it – some great tips for creating a hamper that your recipient will appreciate for all the finest reasons. And don’t forget that if you do need to stock up on the shredded paper to include in your hamper, we can offer you a wealth of options from our store, along with free UK mainland delivery.

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