The Advice That Couples Should Be Given Ahead Of Their Wedding Day – But Too Oft

Posted by Liz Seyi on April 4th, 2022

Whether you are at the start of your wedding planning journey or your much-anticipated nuptials are now just hours away, it’s fair to say that once your big day does arrive, you’ll find yourself thinking, “why did no one tell me this before my wedding?” 

 We don’t want that to happen to those of you who are presently contemplating or organising Gibraltar weddings! So, we thought we’d set out just some pieces of advice you are likely to appreciate from us in the run-up to one of the most important days of your life. 

 Don’t stress about filling every moment of the day 

 It’s completely natural to be anxious to ensure your guests will be kept stimulated and entertained over the entirety of your wedding day – but it’s also not worth getting too worried about. 

 The fact is, everyone who turns up to your wedding in Gibraltar will be there for one reason – to see you and your beloved tie the knot. Even during moments when there might not be planned games or activities going on, your guests will almost certainly be happy catching up with old friends at your wedding, meeting new people, and generally soaking up the celebratory atmosphere. 

Allow yourselves some moments together… alone 

You know full well who the most important other human being will be at your wedding. So, don’t allow the entire day to be spent with the two of you nattering to guests at opposite ends of the room (even though that’s understandably a very easy thing to happen!). 

Sure, it might be a case of simply stealing five or 10 minutes together on a pee break, before the two of you re-enter the throng of the action. The key thing is to take some time to enjoy each other on this most special of days in both of your lives. 

You don’t have to consummate your marriage on the wedding night 

In many ways, a wedding night may be one of the least likely times for a couple to actually be in the mood to have sex. After all, you’ll probably have spent all day running to and fro, grinning from ear to ear, and boogieing away to your favourite music. There’s a good chance that you’ll be exhausted by nightfall, even if you slept perfectly well the night before the wedding. 

So, it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourselves here. By the time the formal wedding celebrations are over and your guests have gone home, you might feel too tired or drunk to get all that intimate with each other between the sheets on the very same night – and that’s absolutely fine. 

With so much to think about and plan when it comes to Gibraltar weddings, you’ll almost certainly be thankful for all of the help you can get to get every detail just right. Reach out to our skilled and experienced wedding planners at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings now, and we’ll help make the dream a reality for you in this sun-drenched British Overseas Territory. 

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