How To Get Bail in Harris County and Conroe, TX

Posted by allaboutbailbondshouston on April 4th, 2022

Being arrested for an offense can be pretty intimidating. Spending days in jail is likely to be hugely problematic and will rob one of peace of mind. There is no reason to remain jailed whether one is guilty or not. The best way to ensure a speedy release would be to pay the bail amount and remain free until it is time to attend court on the stipulated date. The amount would be decided by the judge and varies according to the seriousness of the offense.

Sadly, the specified sum may not be handy, and making arrangements to obtain money can be too time-consuming. The best solution here would be to find a bail bondsman in Tomball and Harris County, TX, who would guarantee the presence of the defendant in the courtroom on the concerned date. The service is not gratis, however, and the defendant would have to pay a small fee to the bail bondsman to put up the bail and obtain release.

This seems like a good solution, but there are many pitfalls, and not everyone can be trusted today. The defendant and family or friends must carefully check the facts before hiring the person who promises to obtain release from jail ASAP. Admittedly, not every law-abiding citizen is aware of the rules related to imprisonment and bail. Yet, it is advisable to ask around to seek the help of friends and family members to gather the required information. Some of the best methods to select the right bail bondsman include:

Fees: The defendant may choose to go with a solitary bail bondsman or approach a company that is experienced in providing bail. Turning to the latter is preferable as there are fewer chances of an entire establishment being fake. It helps to know that the standard fee for bail is 10% of the bail amount. Being offered bail at a lesser rate is sure to arouse suspicion. It is advisable to get the required assistance from a reputed company that does not do anything illegal.

Attorney Referred- A defense lawyer is sure to be in touch with several bail companies and would be happy to refer them to a client. While some attorneys may convince the bail company to charge fewer fees, paying 10% regardless of the bail amount is the norm. However, going through an attorney-referred bail bondsman gives one the satisfaction of dealing with a genuine company and not a fraud.

Bail Amount- A severe crime being committed makes the judge reluctant to release the defendant. A person enjoying a certain reputation may be released on recognition without paying the fee. The court will have a list of reputed bail bond companies that are believed to be reliable and worth paying the fee.

Obtaining bail in Harris County and Conroe, TX, is not too difficult when the best defense attorney convinces the judge to grant it, thus ensuring immediate release from jail.

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