Top 5 Benefits of Agile Development You Must Know

Posted by Stephen Foster on April 5th, 2022

Gone are those days when enterprises swear by traditional waterfall methodology. Today with new emerging technologies and unprecedented disruptions drastically transforming the web development landscapes, it is imperative for businesses to be mindful of the latest agile development methodologies. This is where agile web development methodology into the picture.

In this article on the agile web development guide, we will understand how agile development fits in the big-picture web development scenario and take your project success to the next level. But before we proceed further, let\'s understand this innovative approach. You can describe agile development as a robust business process methodology comprising cross-functional teams responsive to changes in customer requirements, web development environment, and organizational goals.

It is trending at ground-breaking speeds because it involves breaking up a project into multiple sprints. The iterative, adaptive, and incremental nature of agile web development workflow makes it an ideal choice for short-term deliverables. This approach lives by pair programming, test-driven development, stand-ups, planning sessions, and sprints.

Agile web development guide: top 5 benefits of agile web development

  • Greater Transparency: Using the agile approach in the web development life cycle, the potential stakeholders of the project unlock the highest degree of transparency at every stage of the project. This approach drives a team-client transparency relationship by working on everything from strategic planning to prioritization, development, and iteration. It fosters collaboration and seamless interaction among the self-organized team having cross-functional expertise.
  • Fast time-to-market: The successful adoption of agile methodology proves to be the best for clients and web developers because it provides a win-win situation over the traditional waterfall procedure through faster project launch. The age-old waterfall approach promotes the big launch driven by bringing everyone\'s feedback, multiple rounds of revision, and numerous testing sessions. However, agile web development methodology typically focuses on the faster launch with more possibility of continuous improvements even after the product is out there.
  • Better Quality: Agile development methodology typically supports continuous reviews and rigorous testing throughout the web development life cycle. This results in the highest quality standards and significant improvements in productivity during iteration as web developers can fix bugs faster. Furthermore, with the workflow adopted by the agile approach, the dedicated project team eliminates the risk associated with project failure. It happens as a result of regular testing at different levels of Sprint.
  • Improved project control: It is another significant advantage of adopting the agile web development process. The potential stakeholders achieve improved control over the project through sprint meetings, which foster direct communication between clients and the respective web development team involved in the project. Greater transparency and visibility at every stage of the project benefit from this highly collaborative approach. Indeed, this, in turn, brings a competitive edge to the client along with maximum customer satisfaction and high flexibility.
  • Rapid responsiveness to change: One of the significant benefits of adopting the agile methodology for web development is that it enables the agile development team to efficiently acknowledge the ever-evolving customer demands and project requirements. Adhering to agile-friendly project management frameworks like Scrum, the team primarily focuses on measuring what works today. By leveraging heatmaps, user recordings, prototyping, and user testing, they utilize systems after gaining a quantitative understanding of customers\' preferences and become responsive towards change to meet their expectations.

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