Curb Rash: How To Prevent It

Posted by Keelie on April 5th, 2022

Have you ever had curb rash happen to your vehicle? It can aggravate you and ruin your day. Luckily, it is something most typically only does cosmetic damage. Although, you do have to be aware that there are times that additional problems can occur. This article will talk about curb rash and all that can happen with it, and how to prevent it. 

What Is Curb Rash?

Driving a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. You have so much that you have to watch for, listen for, and pay attention to all simultaneously. One problem people have dealt with a lot throughout the years is curb rash. 

When you get a little too close to a curb when making a turn, hit a pothole, hit road debris, or run over road construction. The results are scuffs to your rims, scratches, gouges, cracks, and more. Before you get too upset, remember that a professional technician can repair these cosmetic damages. 

How To Prevent Curb Rash?

While curb rash is typically cosmetic damage only, there are times that it can lead to other problems. It has been known to damage rear or front suspension, cause trouble with the alignment, and cause uneven wear and tear on your tires. You should always have your vehicle examined to make sure none of these additional problems occurred during the incident. 

There are a few ways to prevent curb rash from happening to your vehicles. You can place rim guards on your car. This will add extra protection for these unfortunate times that this happens. While it will not always avoid damage, it will significantly decrease the chances. Other ways to prevent it are:

  • More Diligent Driving

  • Better Awareness

  • Practice Parallel Parking

  • And More

How To Fix Curb Rash?

A trained and experienced technician can perform repairs to vehicles with curb rash. After the determination has been made that there aren’t additional damages, they can get to work. The first step in the process is getting the entire surface completely clean. This will help to best assess the damage that has been done. 

From there, they will:

  • Sand The Tire Until Smooth

  • Use Bondo Putty On Damage

  • Sand Area Again

  • Spray Primer To The Area

  • Paint 

  • Sand Between Coats

  • Use A Clear Coat

Make The Right Choice 

There are many thoughts and concerns that you will have run through your brain when trying to decide where to take your car for repairs. Do your research and carefully choose the company you use to supply you with repairs for your vehicle. You want someone capable, talented, and efficient in their work. 

That way, you will have the best results possible for your car. The best advertisement is word of mouth. Ask your friends and family, or even coworkers, who they recommended for these services. That way, you will get genuine opinions and advice. Do what you can to prevent damage from happening in the first place, and get the repairs you need as the damage occurs.

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