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When remodeling a kitchen, you cannot skip colors and style because that is the essence of the cooking area. Imagine a timeless kitchen where you will spend the day and months of your life. It has to be beautiful, appealing, reflecting your personality. Making a well-thought decision would be good because remodeling will last for decades.Sure, your social media would be overflowing with inspiration. If you want your cooking space to look brighter, more refreshing, and classic than ever before, then go for blue, gray, or white shaker kitchen cabinets. Since kitchen cabinets take up so much space, you do not have to worry about any other kitchen accessories, and that way, you can also save yourself from breaking your bank!

Shaker cabinets created a tremendous buzz, and for good reasons. These cabinets add classic simplicity to the area and are also durable and budget-friendly.

In this article, we’ll discuss varying colors and styles of shaker cabinets that you can opt for. So, keep reading!

Different Styles and Colors of Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you’re starting from scratch or replacing your kitchen cabinets, multiple choices need to be made. When buying cabinets, you’ll also have to keep in mind the lighting, storage, space, size, countertops, furniture, etc. And one way to keep everything intact and classy is using white shaker kitchen cabinets or any other similar shade that would give a timeless and perfectly at-home feel.

Clean and Modern Look

Kitchen cabinets featuring flat surfaces, clean and angular designs attained popularity in the early 20th century. These were regarded as modern or contemporary kitchen cabinet styles.

Shaker-style cabinets fit perfectly into a modern kitchen because of their sleek and uncluttered designs. You can style them with any color of your choice. For example, white shaker kitchen cabinets would look striking and vibe with the classic, timeless look you dream of.


Open Shelving

An excellent way to create a stunning look in your kitchen is by adding open shelving kitchen cabinets. By keeping lower shaker cabinets and installing open shelving tops will give any smaller kitchen a spacious look. You can place your favorite dinnerware, bottles, or vases for a touch-up.

Open shelving clearly defines the kitchen and elevates the entire design while adding functionality.

Transitional Style

If you’re stuck between modern and traditional kitchen styles, the transitional style shaker kitchen cabinets are perfect for you. Modernize your kitchen with a hint of an old look without having it look outdated.

The blend of both worlds can have natural-looking wood cabinets, polished countertops, stainless steel appliances, and concrete floors. Stick with a neutral color palette, and your kitchen will look sophisticated.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Everyone wants something that never goes out of style because kitchen remodeling is not something you can do every year. Some designs outlast the latest trends and are far away from outdated, boring, and dull. Installing white shaker kitchen cabinets improves the value of your home.

White shaker cabinets give an illusion of a larger, cleaner, and complete look. Due to their versatility and timeless designs, these kitchen cabinets have become highly popular. Since it’s flexible and works well with modern kitchens and rustic country looks, they are the perfect choice for millennials and others.

Buyers agree that top-quality white shaker cabinets have stood the test of time. So, if you\'re planning to install one at your home, make sure you get cabinets of exceptional quality from a well-known site, like Cabinet DIY, where you get free samples and style tests as well.

Blue Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Go bold if you are looking for something different. The best part about shaker kitchen cabinets is that they look fantastic in every color palette. Browse the internet, and you’ll find various hues of blue.

The color blue will boost your mood because it is linked to a calming effect. It will inspire you and profoundly influence the feel and style of the area. The blue shaker kitchen cabinets are the best when you are striving to create a calming atmosphere.

Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Grey is both light and dark, cool and warm, and pulls the undertones of beige. It is another outstanding choice for shaker kitchen cabinets. Grey shaker kitchen cabinets give the perfect traditional and transitional appearance and have significantly spiked in popularity.

Grey kitchen cabinets give a rainy day feel and an appeal that’s laid-back yet exciting. The blend of white and dark in grey stands for positivity and sophistication, respectively.

How to Choose the Right Style for a Kitchen?

Are you pondering over how shaker kitchen cabinets would work the best for you? Shaker cabinets suit every kitchen, however considering the overall kitchen style is also essential and should be the priority. Look at some of the factors like:

? The kitchen layout

? The layout of your house

? The architectural features around

? Your personal choice

Blue, grey, or white shaker kitchen cabinets will never go out of style. They bring a sense of peace and silence that you crave after a tiring day. Blue, grey, and white shaker cabinets can stand the test of time. There’s something about the shades that gives a clean, classic yet chic look. With them, you’re bound to flatter your visitors and mesmerize them with the minimalistic, aesthetic-looking kitchen.

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