Can Alcohol Cause Dementia?

Posted by Trust care on April 6th, 2022

It is a well-known fact that consumption of alcohol in an excess manner can definitely cause negative impact in one’s body which can either lead towards a long-term or towards a short-term health effect, and in some cases can also act in a wrong manner towards the brain damage segment of one, which can cause the path of dementia. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India states that consumption of alcohol for a long period of time can thus increase the issues and development of dementia which can also lead towards the path of Alzheimer’s disease inside one. It has been observed that drinking alcohol in a moderate intake cannot directly increase the risk of dementia but can also prevent it from causing a long-term cause. People who do not directly drink alcohol should not be encouraged to start the process as it would decrease the chances of dementia in the coming years. Simultaneously, the individuals who drink alcohol within the given guidelines of one, are advised to stop the consumption of alcohol due to the risk of having dementia in the mere future, whereas cutting back from alcohol can also bring a better lifestyle and health guidelines as well.

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai found that individuals who have the tendency to drink in a larger manner or even engage in drinking in a larger capacity, in terms of an individual with a large quantity in hand for a short period of time, have the tendency to grab the Alzheimer’s disease in a better capacity. It is thus stated that heavy alcohol consumption for a long period of time can therefore ultimately affect the brain, as the individuals suffering from such issue also have a reduced volume of brain’s white matter intact in it which can ultimately transmit the signals between the various regions of brain in a particular manner which can also lead towards the wholesome issues of brain functioning in a certain manner. The long-term effect of heavy alcohol consumption may also result in the sincere lack of vitamin B1 and Korsakoff’s syndrome which is also known as the memory disorder which thus affects the memory for a short period of time.

Thus, the link of alcohol and dementia in comparison to the non-drinkers on road is not complete understood by the individuals whereas one anyways should start the process of protection against the development of dementia, which is indeed important to find the answers to the studies conducted where moderate drinkers of alcohol were shown the issues of dementia problems but at a smaller rate. Whereas the growth rate of the regular drinkers were thus at a distinctive level which completely showed us the difference. Many protective effects of alcohol were done on the brain where the reduction of thickness in blood whereas the increase of healthy cholesterol was also measures which can lead towards the risk of development of dementia.

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