Top Reasons For Using HD Plastic As Best Lead Substitute

Posted by Michael Luis on April 6th, 2022

HD plastic is getting more popular globally. Ecomass is considered the best polymer at present time. It has wide applications – commercially and industrially. The material is made up of damp resistant membranes.

•    You may find this material widely used in manufacturing units
•    It is also used as raw material in radiation shielding machines and devices
•    Ecomass is the best substitute for expensive lead

You can select the best quality high density plastics that are flexible and lightweight. Within the packaging sector, the material is highly applicable.

?    Lightweight and flexible

Low density might be less flexible. When using high-density polymer material you may not have to compromise with flexibility. This is one of the reasons HD plastics are widely used in manufacturing industrial trays, racks and cabinets.

It is also used in the construction industry as the best insulating material. It has the property to shield dampness. It offers the best protection against humidity and moisture.

?    Chemically inert

For medical use, the packing material must be chemically inert. This means that the material will not react with any chemical- weak or strong. As lead is a metal so it cannot be used to store chemicals.

The lead will easily react with any chemical and thus cannot be used to manufacture containers for lab purposes. But HD plastic is the right material. It is inert and can be transformed into any shape. It is widely used for manufacturing containers for lab purposes.

?    Weatherproof

Lead is not considered weatherproof, although it is highly durable. But it is a metal and till rust on oxidation. This is why it may have a short life span as well.

HD plastic is considered the best Lead substitute. It can withstand all weather conditions. It won’t catch rust or tan. It can be used in manufacturing machine parts that are in contact with water or liquid as well. It can also be used for manufacturing weatherproof storage containers.

?    Impact-resistant

One of the most unique properties of HD plastic is that it is highly impacts resistant. This means that it acts as the best shock absorber. It can be used for cancelling vibrations. In impact, it will withstand shock. This is one advantage that is not offered by lead.

The lead will easily crack on impact. You cannot consider this for use as packing material. HD plastic makes the best packaging material for food products and pharmaceutical products.

?    Non-toxic

Lead is a toxic metal and will produce harmful toxins at a higher temperature. Lead-based ammunition produces a lot of toxins when fired. This may not be safe for an individual and the environment.

HD plastic is non-toxic by nature. It can withstand high temperatures It does not produce any toxins and thus can be used for manufacturing ammunition. You find a lot of manufacturing using Ecomass material for manufacturing ammunition.

The cost of manufacturing HD plastic is also much lower compared to lead. It is easy to recycle. It does not damage the environment as well. The material is highly durable and will last for a longer time. It is cost-effective and does not have to be mined.

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