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Hormone Therapy in Woodlands, Texas: Feel Good About Yourself Again

Posted by steveben311 on May 16th, 2016

AGE- This word seems to be a paradox for many. When we’re young, age seems to be our best ally; giving us the best of years and helping us perform to the best of our abilities. But after a certain point of time, it lets go, leaving us all stressed and distressed. Once you’re right in the thick of middle age, elements like fatigue, weight gain and bodily pains start creeping into your life. The answer lies within your body too, with loss of hormones being the biggest contributor to most of our troubles.

As you grow older, the hormone production in your body decreases gradually, changing the way we look and feel about our lives. However, if you have been longing to defy age and its effects on you and your body there’s a solution that could be your savior in the battle against the proverbial paradox. Hormone therapy in Woodlands, Texas has been proven to help replenish hormone levels and reverse the effect of aging. Medical clinics in Houston use a unique approach when it comes to hormone replacement therapy. To begin with they use only natural hormones. They then optimize hormone levels for each individual patient based on a bunch of clinical factors. These hormones are dosed twice a day, so that they mimic your body’s natural hormone patterns.

Optimization of hormone levels is the most crucial step for a person who’s undergoing the hormone therapy. To ensure successful optimization, the best clinics prefer to use a bell curve as a resource to judge optimal hormone levels. Using factors like age, race, sex and some other underlying medical factors, the bell curve seeks to create an accurate representation of how well the hormones are working in your body. With the results of the bell curve in their possession, clinics look to make a judgement on the hormones that need to be optimized in your body. These natural bio-identical hormones are:

●Estrogen and Progesterone Replacement in Women: The aforementioned clinics use natural estrogen and progesterone in order to ease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and other problems relative to menopause.

●Natural Thyroid: Persons suffering from insufficient thyroid hormone could experience effects like weight gain, poor energy levels, hair loss, swelling, cold extremities, depression and sleep disturbances. With natural thyroid replacement, you can relieve yourself of these symptoms.

●Natural Cortisol: With age, our adrenal glands can burn out and stop producing correct levels of cortisol. With an appropriate supplement of natural cortisol, you can alleviate yourself from the symptoms of a lack of cortisol, namely adrenal fatigue and tiredness.

●Antioxidants: A daily natural antioxidant regimen can help protect your organs and retain your production levels.

Natural hormone therapy is your way back to the good life. So, don’t wait procrastinate any longer, take natural hormone therapy in Cyfair, Houston to feel good about you again.

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