Things to Know about Cookie Phase-Out

Posted by Nick on April 7th, 2022

A website can store small text files called cookies in the visitor\'s browser. As part of its functionality, it generates a unique user id and gathers vital information such as language preferences, log-in details, time spent on the page, and cart activity. As a result, browser cookies are an essential part of marketers. But as Google decided to phase out the third-party cookies, what does this mean for the future of marketing?

To clear some of the doubts, Google will not wholly leave its ability to track users’ activities and behaviour online. It will also not completely phase out third-party cookies. However, it will make a significant impact on marketers. Therefore, let\'s look at how marketers can still effectively perform marketing.

Performing marketing would be challenging without the help of third-party cookies. These cookies are responsible for gathering users\' tastes and preferences. However, there are still various ways to perform effective marketing. Let\'s look at some of them.

The website visitors’ visit store first-party cookies on their browsers, which the website owner owns. These website owners can also get consent from users without any hassle. Therefore, developing the ability to acquire first-party data precisely and entirely is crucial for companies and marketers.

With the phase-out of cookies, it is now significantly crucial to provide value to the user to convert them into potential buyers. If the product does not bring any value to the user, he will not focus on purchasing it. Thus, focus on providing value to the user. When cookies are present, the user will not purchase the item if it doesn\'t bring any value to him.

The ultimate move to remove cookies by Google increases the user\'s privacy. Which is a social movement as data privacy is a fundamental right. Which is a good thing; however it will make marketers suffer a little. Most ad companies complain about Google\'s decision to remove cookies as it will pull out their ability to target a specific audience.

However, Google will not wholly leave the work they have been doing for the past ten years. There are some loopholes as well as some alternatives. You can learn more about cookie phase-out by visiting the Media One Marketing Website.

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