Is your Organisation looking for redefining Job Architecture?

Posted by Kognozconsulting on April 10th, 2022

Amid technology and organization transformation where every job is either being augmented, replaced, or changed by technology. Companies are evolving new business models and workforce requirement is also changing. Organizations prefer people working in agile environments and people are looking for more flexibility, skill enhancement rather than rigid structures. In such a scenario, job & role architecture forms a fundamental and critical challenge to solve, esp when the organization & reporting structures are ever-evolving and changing due to the fluidity of the business.

Pertinent challenges faced by organizations are:

People perform similar jobs at different places but want to be made feel special hence they thrive on non-standardization. For example in sales, a Technology sales head and a client partner are similar roles, but they are considered separately
Every time a hiring manager/ recruiter raises a new requisition, he or she creates a fresh job and puts a bunch of specific responsibilities they need
Talent mobility: Roles are not clear so people can’t figure out what a job is and what skills/ preparation is required to move to the new role
Talent match: jobs, skills, and talent profile doesn’t talk to each other hence finding the optimal talent from a pool becomes difficult
Difficulty in providing personalized learning because with non-standardization of job titles it is difficult to create a global skills inventory and tagging to skills to the jobs to create success/ ideal profiles
Ambiguity amongst designations, roles, and job titles
Challenges with pay equity because of non-standardization of jobs and compensation benchmarking also becomes less optimal
How are we helping our clients in defining a simplified job & role architecture?

Kognoz has pioneered job architecture and has worked with global organizations in various industries technology, IT, BPM, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, to design the job & role architecture. Our methodology is HR Technology platform agnostic and we have worked with all leading HCM platforms like Workday, Cornerstone on demand (CSOD), Oracle, SAP to help our clients optimize their HR platform. Our USP is a curated set of job and skill catalogues and basis the business and organization model we develop a job and skill architecture aligned with the organization’s current and future reality.

Are you planning to on-board a new HR Tech platform? You must get  job architecture preparedness assessment for your organization. To get an overview of Kognoz’s Job and Skill architecture methodology, do contact us at


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