The pruvit ketones has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years

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If you’re looking to lose weight, you might want to consider adding the keto nat diet to your list of possible methods to try. This high-fat, low-carb diet has been shown to cause rapid weight loss when followed correctly and can have positive health benefits if done consistently. But what are ketones, exactly? How do they work in conjunction with the diet? And how do you know if it’s right for you? In this article, we answer all of those keto osnat questions and more to help you understand everything you need to know about ketones and how they can aid in your weight loss efforts!

How Do Pruvit Ketones Work?

Pruvit KETO//OS is a ketone ester (KE) that supports mitochondrial energy production, brain function, healthy aging, exercise performance and more. Pruvit KETO//OS works because it goes straight to your liver rather than being digested first. Your liver then converts it into ketones which can be used by your body for fuel instead of glucose. The major benefit of consuming ketones over glucose is that ketones promote increased fat burning while protecting lean muscle mass. Ketones can also be used as an alternative energy source during high-intensity exercise like running or cycling, improving performance while reducing oxidative stress on muscle tissue by as much as 15%. Ketones may even reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

How To Use Pruvit Ketones To Lose Weight

A proper ketogenic diet is all about being in fat-burning mode for an extended period of time. Your body has many different ways to produce energy, but when carbohydrates are limited or cut out entirely, you end up relying on one primary system: ketosis. Being in a state of ketosis means that your body is running off of fat as its primary source of fuel, instead of glucose. It’s like having a built-in calorie deficit without having to even think about it! When you switch to a high-fat, low-carb diet and throwpruvit keto supplements into the mix, what happens is that you take your body into full fat-burning mode more quickly than it would have if you just started consuming less carbs overall.

What To Eat While On Pruvit

For best results, stick to a high fat, low carb diet. You want to eat a lot of lean protein and healthy fats like avocado, egg yolks, coconut oil, olives, wild caught fish (salmon), grass-fed beef/bison/lamb etc. To prevent excess stress on your liver as it produces ketones you also want to minimize your intake of fructose (sugar). The less processed your food is the better. Try not to eat more than 25 grams of net carbs per day (total carbohydrates minus fiber). For example if you have 1 cup of berries that has 18g carbs (net) so only 7g are useable for energy by your body. Go for a low carb vegetable such as leafy greens instead.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Pruvit Ketones?

The main benefits associated with nutritional ketosis include increased energy, improved mood, mental clarity, increased satiety (fullness), reduced hunger and cravings, decreased blood sugar levels and decreased insulin levels. Keto-adaptation can be achieved through very low carbohydrate intake or a combination of moderate to high protein intake and very low carbohydrate intake. Nutritional Ketosis is achieved by reducing net carbs (total carbohydrates - fiber) below 20g/day.

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