Can Alcohol have a Strong Impact on Borderline Personality Disorder?

Posted by Trust care on April 11th, 2022

The abuse of alcohol can cause a sheer physical and also a mental strain inside an individual’s mind, where the Borderline Personality Disorder is no different which can likely have a strong effect with the abuse of alcohol in mind. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India, today will find a meaning and a connection between these two. The Borderline Personality Disorder mainly known as BPD is mainly a mental disorder which is often misunderstood and misguided by people for over a period of long years as it constitutes of mood swings, change in behaviour, with sabotaging of relationship figures and also of confidence, which makes the complete situation very confused and also a complicated one. Many-a-times the issue of trusting such an individual by their own family members becomes a doubt and a question which is often raised by the society. This issue thus causes a great stress on the individual where mainly one does not reach the point where they have the ability to even feel something which in many cases turns into an issue of great misinterpretation.

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai thus states that alcohol has also become one of the most common form of self-medication which is now related to nearly all mental health aspects and issues, where in many cases individuals who are suffering from any disorder have a tendency to delve into the alcohol abuse column where they can indeed find a temporary solution feeling absolutely nothing and just relaxed. Therefore, people suffering with BPD are one of the same, where they become acquainted with such a facility very quickly and can also use this as their escape weapon, jeopardising someone else’s life.

It is mainly in their biological trait to feel an eventual connection towards something very quickly which can turn into an addiction or an obsession at times, which do provide a certain kind of stimulus within one, where the issues of such a behaviour is not yet found, but the severity of this situation can go to any extent. BPD patients also find a strong bond with the narcotics change as well, where they feel detrimental, and can also go to any extent to gain their supplement.

Thus, some of the main traits can be the fear of being abandoned by the society, having the issues of paranoia inside one, or being highly suspicious where sudden flip of the conversation or situation can be a measure where the deflection within their connections can be straight seen, whether they are there spouse, boyfriend, parents, friend or be any acquaintance. From jumping on to any conclusion, they quickly can enter into the phase of being helpless, in guilt or being absolutely sorry, acting as if they did not know about the situation at all, with no memory. Thus, these situations can be either triggered by alcohol and can go to any extent.

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