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Posted by PARTIK on May 17th, 2016

Veneer is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry available nowadays and it is used by many people all round the globe. People use veneers to protect their teeth as well as to look good when they are smiling. So if you are looking for veneers in Manukau, Auckland, do stop by at The Guardian Dental Care located there as it provides one of the best veneer implantation surgeries at a really affordable price. But before that you need to know what a veneer is and why it is necessary.

What is a veneer?

It is a layer of material placed on the tooth to protect it from damage or improve its aesthetics. It is made of porcelain, ceramics or other biocompatible materials.

So when and why people need veneer?

Though the enamel of a tooth is one of the hardest substances present in the body, it is not impenetrable. Excessive eating of chocolates, sweet, other junk foods, drinking alcohol, smoking and various other things can cause decaying of the teeth. This may result in the enamel decaying, getting infected and a lot of other things. The teeth also look bad. The veneer helps in protecting the teeth by forming a coating over it. It also makes the teeth look good. Veneers are also used for closing spaces between two teeth. It can also reduce gum infection. It improves the shape and size of the teeth. Black triangles formed by gum recession are also reduced by veneer. Laminate veneer is also available which basically constitutes a thin layer used to cover the teeth and protect it from infection. Laminate veneer is mostly used by older people.

Here at The Guardian Dental Care we provide one of the best and affordable dental implantation surgeries not only in Manukau but also all over Auckland. The other services provided by us include general dental treatment, dental surgery and other cosmetic dentistry like tooth whitening, tooth crowning, tooth jewellery, bridges to name a few. Some of the dental surgeries provided by us include root canal surgeries etc. Many eminent dentists are attached with our organization and we provide the best services to our patients.

We also provide special deals for our patients. You can book appointments with the doctor of your choice simply by visiting our website. Appointments for doctors are available more than once a week so that you can choose a suitable time according to your schedule. You can also cancel an appointment or shift it according to your suitability. We have another clinic located in Papatoetoe, Auckland as well. We also give memberships to our patients. People keep visiting us for our services and remember us for our commitment. Our main motto is “Put Your Smile First”. So do stop by if your teeth need help and you need a better Smile.

If you are looking for the best south Auckland dentist, please visit our website Guardiandentalcare.co.nz.

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