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Remaining inside a small space that is covered on all sides can be claustrophobic. Sure, such an area is out of bounds for individuals who are not comfortable in such a situation. Several industries have to have workers working in tightly enclosed spaces that are deemed to be highly hazardous and pose a risk to their well-being. It becomes necessary to undergo extensive confined space training mandated by OSHA and obtain the required certification.

While construct sites include several closely enclosed spaces and can trap an individual inside. Trying to survive within such a confined space is problematic. Such spaces are not limited to the construction industry always. Pump and tractor drivers may have to enter narrow spaces with a single entry/exit point.

Multiple tradesmen may be asked to take the training as well. Welders, electricians, and scaffolders may become more accustomed to their job once they are aware of the safety rules and overcome exhaustion when remaining inside for hours at a stretch. Having the required information on the risks becomes essential as it enables the said workers/tradesmen to take adequate precautions in time.

Apart from employees and independent tradespeople who have to enter confined spaces during their work, OSHA advises similar training for the supervisors and other competent and qualified persons who may have to enter such spaces to oversee the progress of work.

Points of difference between the two types of training

While most of the course modules are identical, the supervisor and other competent persons taking the training may have to study the basic responsibilities of an employer.

The total time that one has to spend to complete the training is 6 hrs for an entrant & attendant, with an extra 2 hours required for the supervisors and competent persons.

It is important to note that there are no prerequisites or preconditions for undergoing the training except the need or entering confined spaces.

How to undergo the training?

The employer is responsible for keeping the trainees informed and having them present in the classroom at specified hours. Unfortunately, this is likely to result in frequent absenteeism, especially concerning the construction industry. The training can be completed by participating in online classes as well. This reduces the employer\'s responsibility with the trainees being free to determine the time and hour of attending the classes. One can go through the modules at the time of preference, including on weekends and during late hours.


Each trainee is directed t the subsequent module after taking the related quiz successfully. The certificate can be printed out after passing the final examination. There are provisions for a second and third attempt for trainees who fail.

Taking the 40-hour HAZWOPER training online and obtaining the certificate is mandatory for people working with hazardous substances and in an environment considered a health hazard.

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