How to successfully introduce employee GPS tracker?

Posted by sunainaram on May 17th, 2016

GPS tracking device have provided owners with first hand benefits like reducing costs, reducing time, and definitely increased revenue. These reasons are enough to lure business owners into buying employee GPS tracker. But as it may seem, employing GPS tracking in offices may be taken in as an intrusion by employees. They may get the feel that the management has lost the trust in them and hence, want to keep a watchful eye on them. This would end up in a negative backlash!

To avoid any of these scenes in future it is vital that when GPS tracking is being introduced, it should be first talked out with the employees. It should be made clear to them how the tracker can help the business alongside benefit the employees as well.

Be honest & keep things clear with them –

Be honest right from the beginning. A good and dedicated employee would not mind any accountability. Be clear how the tracking system would help them too. For e.g if you are introducing fleet tracking system in India talk to the drivers about how the device would be helpful. They can be helped with directions, avoid longer routes, save on time, in case they get lost they can be navigated, etc.

Demystify the myth –

Open up a conversation with employees as you are about to introduce the device. Some employees may be moving along a myth that the employee GPS tracker is being introduced to keep an eye as the management does not trust them. Change the theory! Explain that the tracker is not a means to keep a guard on the employees. It is for the management to measure productivity which would help them improve on the same. Moreover, put in plain words that if the employees are working as per the guidelines, there is no room for fear for them!

Discuss the benefits –

Speak to your employees that if the GPS tracking system is utilised in the efficient manner then it would be of much help to employees as well. For instance, if yours is a logistics company, the fleet tracking system in India when introduced would be of help to the employer as well the employees. The drivers can be navigated comfortably along difficult routes, avoid traffic jams, reach destinations on time, boost customer satisfaction and in turn boost productivity. 

Welcome questions on the system –

Open the floor to questions! Answer your employees’ queries to the GPS system right away.

Don’t keep it a secret –

Not keeping employees aware of the introduction of GPS tracking devices would only aggravate hostility in the employees. They would feel they are being spied upon. This would only add fuel to the fire and instead of making improvements, the business would simply topple.

The above points would help you keep at bay any negative responses from the employees!

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