Talented Fan Recreates Path of Exile Setting As A World of Warcraft Map

Posted by freeamfva on April 12th, 2022

Talented Fan Recreates Path of Exile Setting As A World of Warcraft Map

There\'s a lot of common ground to be found among Path of Exile fans and World of Warcraft players. Made by Grinding Gear Games as a spiritual successor to legendary hack-and-slash RPGs such as Diablo 2, another Blizzard Entertainment franchise, it\'s very likely that a person who plays Path of Exile has tried World of Warcraft at some point in their life.To get more news about Buy WoW Gold Safe, you can visit lootwow.com official website.

The setting in Path of Exile was made by a New Zealand-based developer team, and the world of Wraeclast is an intriguing take on dark fantasy with a clear and bold Maori influence interwoven throughout, depicted with the Karui people. On the other hand, World of Warcraft\'s maps have become iconic with a distinct, easily-recognizable style - and one talented fan of both games had the bright idea of joining these two concepts together.Created by Azapls, who among other things also made a concept map of the rumored Dragon Isles expansion for World of Warcraft, this version of Wraeclast has been lovingly drawn in the style present on maps of Azeroth. While the trend of recreating maps in the World of Warcraft style is not new, Azapls\' work displays such wondrous accuracy and attention to detail that one might easily mistake it for an official Blizzard map.

All the major landmarks are present, from the Vaal City casting its shadow over the Phrecian Forest, the Act 2 (and Act 7) location in Path of Exile, to the isle of Oriath from which the player character is exiled at the start of the game. In fact, Path of Exile fans might find some non-negligible amount of joy in following along their exile\'s path on this map, from their humble beginnings on the placid beach next to Lioneye\'s Watch, to the tall mountainous peaks of Highgate, and back to Theopolis all over again.

The map pools knowledge from all the expansions and post-launch content released for Path of Exile thus far, as the game edges close to releasing its \"Siege of the Atlas\" expansion on February 11. One notable, yet logical omission is the mysterious continent of Kalguur, from which the Kalguuran adventurers hail from in Path of Exile\'s Expedition League, given that the map\'s sole focus seems to be on recreating Wraeclast alone.

Kalguur has been on the community\'s wishlist as a location they would want to see in future content, and given that not much is known concerning the locations in Path of Exile 2, it is not entirely out of the question for at least one of its seven Acts to take place in the Norse-inspired land.

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