Smart Ideas to Introduce Retargeting to Display Advertising Campaigns

Posted by Surevin Info Software Pvt. Ltd. on May 17th, 2016

Retargeting allows you to direct those 98% visitors, giving them more chances to convert.

How it Works?

It allows showing potential ads to targeted customers via search, other websites or social media. The visitors see them, click on to your website and hopefully convert. Retargeting helps you in staying connected and engaged with your targeted audience and increase brand recall and conversions which feed all stages of marketing funnel.

With having so many opportunities with retargeting, it’s hard to zero in to certain type of campaigns to run onto. Following is the list of things that you should try to increase the effectiveness of your retargeting strategies to display advertising campaigns.


It’s a way to redisplay your material to any anonymous site visitor. Being the most common form of retargeting, it’s familiar to anyone doing it through Google’s display network (Google refers retargeting as remarketing). This is also available on Facebook and Twitter. It is also accessible for new inbound marketers, as list based retargeting which relies on you having a large list of email addresses.

    Promote your Best Content - Traditionally, retargeting ads were used to push products - but it’s not the only thing you can use them for. For e.g. why not use them to drive people towards blog content? From there only many of the leads are more likely to generate. You can use brand new content in retargeting, but you should also have a go through your analytics and figure out content most popular in terms of social shares and conversion rates. Then include them to your retargeting ads.

    Based on visits by people on types of pages of your website, promote specific content – Create lists out of your product category. This would ensure delivering relevant content to right people which improves ROI of retargeting efforts.

    Pull people through the funnel – Retarget the ads for people visiting on your website but don’t convert, on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google to drive them to a blog post. If they still don’t, drive them to a free consultation or a free trial. Its simple way of mapping out a retargeting path and you can add more steps to it. It is a strategic and smart way to use it instead of just focusing it only on top or bottom of the funnel.

    Capitalize on events – this can work for all types of industries- just think about the several ways to leverage your product or service at different times of the year.

    Exclude visitors spending less than 10 seconds on your site – It will be wastage of budget on someone who spends less than a minute’s time on your website because they are unlikely to be as interested in what you have to offer.

    Target people who opens your mail – This can be done quite simply using retargeting platforms. By dropping your retargeting pixel into HTML template or signature of your email, you can target the ones who open up your mails.


Use lists of your existing contacts for certain types. The way that works is first upload a list of email addresses to retarget a campaign platform and it will identify users on that network who have those addresses and serve retargeting ads only to them. List based retargeting relies on you having email addresses of your prospects to manage their social media thus requiring large email address lists to be effective. The more you have, the more likely you are to find matches.

    Exclude the ones who are already converted – If you are building a lead generation campaign, add current list of customers, subscribers and converted contacts as negative retargeting list. This would ensure that you don’t waste your budget on irrelevant audience.

    Feature a familiar name/face – If you have a sales person who is in contact with lots of people who have not converted, you could create a list of people and target the ads at them.

    Use price sensitivity – Offer discounts to those whom you lost because of price. You can offer really smart price discounts and increase them if they don’t get converted.

    Reward your top customers – Offer your loyal customers a repeat purchase or renewal discount via retargeting adv. Likewise, you should reward people who share your content all the time in similar way.

    Cross sell and up sell to customers – Show the ads and drive your customers to other segments or parts of your package if you have any.

    Target those who don’t open you e-mails – Retarget those who use facebook ads. Simply upload you contact list to facebook ads to create a custom audience and create your ads. They may be missing your emails because it goes into spam folder or promotions tab in Gmail.

    Target on linkedIn connections – You can download a list of your linkedIn connections and their email addresses. Use this to create a list of custom audience for your facebook and twitter ads and drive them towards your website.

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