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Posted by kelljackson on May 17th, 2016

Both tech trees unlock at level 40 Invention. You will then need to talk to Drorkar to align yourself to Dwarven tech or speak to Oldak to align yourself to Goblin. Alignment provides faster progress, but you can still unlock the devices of the other tech tree.

Progress down the revitalised Dwarven and Goblin tech trees by completing tasks via new notice boards that have sprung up in the Invention Guild, Keldagrim Palace furnace room and Oldak’s lab in Dorgesh-Kaan.

Completing a task will reward you with either Dwarven or Goblin currency which you can spend to progress through the tiers of the tech trees, unlocking fantastic new blueprints for devices as you go.

Tasks can be accepted via the Invention noticeboards. You can have 5 active at any one time. New tasks generate every 12 hours and typically include things like handing in components and parts or building basic items and gizmos.

There is no longer a 20 level penalty when unlocking devices on the tech tree that you are not aligned to. However, alignment to a particular tech-tree will now provide 50% more currency when completing its relevant tasks e.g. if you align to Goblin tech (because you’re sick and twisted) then completing Goblin tasks will earn you 50% more Goblin currency and boost your progress.

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