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Posted by Marc Enners on April 12th, 2022

One of the most important aspects of online presence of businesses is search engine optimization. There are billions of websites on the internet. There are many websites for one keyword. Keyword research is something that is required for establishing the fact that a particular keyword is required for searching for websites.

A website may be associated with one keyword or more than one keyword. Depending how relevant the website is for a keyword or the group of keywords. Website is ranked accordingly. Search engine optimization is regarded as core to the success of any website. If the website is ranked high in organic search rankings then chance are high that website will be viewed.

Most of people who view search engine results pages are ones who view the organic results not the sponsored ones. There are search engines like Google and Bing who charge from advertisers for displaying their pages in search engine results pages. These are displayed as sponsored advertisements. Search engine optimization has proven critical to rank websites higher than without any search engine optimization.

 Search engine optimization is series of measures taken to make websites rank high. There are on page SEO measures and off page SEO measures. There are many companies that specialise in making search engine optimization work. Search engine optimization has proven successful in making some websites get limelight. There are things like proper positioning of JavaScript coding that affects ranking of website.

 If JavaScript code is placed before some of other HTML codes then page loads the JavaScript code first while loading HTML code takes no time, loading JavaScript code takes time. Search engine optimization is quite dependent on loading of website on mobile devices. If websites load fast on mobile devices then these get higher organic ranking according to new algorithms of Google.

 Google and Bing from time to time bring changes to way that they use different parameters for ranking websites. Some things are made public while others are not made public. All that search engines expect website makers are to be honest in their endeavour and be knowledgeable about different things that affect relevance of their websites for keywords that are used for searching.


Diversity among topics is valued hence websites like Wikipedia and Investopedia are ranked higher than many other websites. There are many SEO agencies in Sydney but one SEO agency Sydney based can upset the applecart with smart coding and awareness of factors affecting ranking.

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