How to Use Driscoll Reflective Model in Assignment Writing?

Posted by Jason Roy on April 12th, 2022

Students pursuing nursing or clinical education use reflective models. They help them in demonstrating their everyday learning. There are many models for reflection purpose and one such is Driscoll Reflective model. Often students are asked to write an assignment on Driscoll Reflective model. They find it difficult and this creates confusion among them as to how to write such assignment. So, students seek help from Assignment Desk experts.

Driscoll reflective model is used to reflect on something. The model includes three phases of experimental learning cycle. These three stages are inspired by three questions: - WHAT? (Stage where you describe main incident), SO WHAT? (Here you analyze and understand the context and situation) and NOW WHAT? (Here you represent the proposed actions after occurrence of incidents). As we have already looked into what Driscoll reflective model is, we shall move forward with how to include it in assignment. During nursing, whenever you are asked to do so; you can follow below steps:

1. Choose your reflexive cycle model. Understand the assignment topic. Select a thought provoking topic. Know about a particular topic and then start writing on it. For example, writing about experience in clinical practice. So understand this topic well and proceed in right direction.

2. Discuss about the event. Provide a description of the event. Purposefully reflect on the experience in clinical practice. An introduction is a part where we introduce every basic detail to the audience. Provide helpful background information that establishes the setting for your readers.

3. Now analyze the event. Discuss what you learned from the process. What all things were discovered by you for the very first time during the nursing process? How you inculcated new learning? How you responded to the new experiments? , and so on.

4. From the experience gained, bring new changes into the system. Try to suggest your discoveries and the problem faced by you during the clinical practice. You may draw attention to new techniques that the audience is less familiar with.

5. Make a research and finally discuss and come up with what you learned during the whole nursing process, including the lessons and analysis. Tell the readers of your assignment that how they can apply these newly discovered techniques to other contexts. Share your experience and go deeper into the various stages.

6. After you are done with all these five steps, read, check, revise, edit and proofread your assignment and submit it to the professor.

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