Top 5 rivals of Opensea

Posted by alicejenifferze on April 12th, 2022

OpenSea is by far the most popular marketplace that lets users mint, buy, trade, and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). More than 1.4 million wallets have traded NFTs on the marketplace to date, moving .5 billion in volume. That’s billion more than the closest competitor according to DappRadar.


Coinbase NFT


Coinbase launched in 2012 and with over 89 million registered users has become one of the top crypto exchanges. The company is launching its own NFT marketplace, and its website still reads ‘coming soon’ in January 2022 it already registered a waitlist of 1.1 million people – OpenSea has just over 1 million active users. 


FTX’s marketplace for NFTs launched in October last year, but with significant differences to Coinbase NFT. The NFT marketplace is not peer-to-peer, meaning that collectors forgo direct ownership of their assets as their data is recorded and stored on its FTX network. It also launched on the Solana blockchain, rather than Ethereum. 

EverGrow Coin NFT Marketplace 

EverGrow Coin is rolling out a new NFT marketplace on the BNB Chain that offers a brand-new protocol – NFT lending. This will allow NFT owners to put up their digital assets as collateral in exchange for crypto loans, which can be used to generate a profit in various DeFi projects. 


Zora is a lesser-known NFT marketplace that doesn’t register in DappRadar’s top 25 NFT marketplaces by trading volume. But its permissionless ‘on-chain’ platform has attracted some historic purchases – like PleasrDAO’s million buy of the original doge meme NFT. 


Rarible started out with monthly trading volumes higher than OpenSea, but it struggled to keep up during the 2021 boom in NFTs. But while OpenSea has since found itself mired in scandals Rarible has gone about building in strong utilities that make it a stronger rival in 2022. 

Inspite of many emerging competitors, opensea still stand staright in the market with this unique features and functionalities. Many business people out there are willing to start a platform like opensea, with Opensea Clone Script, one can start their own NFT Marketplace instantly and easily.

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