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Posted by Sally on May 17th, 2016

Nowadays, the scale of motor vehicle development is rapid, the urban traffic congestion has become a top issue, car exhaust emissions, environmental pollution is serious, choice has become the present actively advocate green travel way. Convenient and environmental health movement method has become a new fashion of people's life.

Koowheel new energy balance smart car, in April 2014, which started electric unicycle, scooters, electric scooter adults and other kind of buzz word followed, Koowheel, there are four series of 2 wheel self balancing scooter product line launched between people from the traditional transportation tools and the final destination of the last journey, including s36 series of smart scooter price is lower than 300RMB, declaring the adult electric scooter products come into the ordinary people.

It is understood that foreign brands self balancing scooter price have been high, high consumption threshold. New energy self balancing electric scooter, electric scooters with high performance/price ratio, and twisting, such as balance models, is more suitable for students and office workers, break the bottom line price, will sharply lowered the consumption threshold of balance car industry.

Talking about balanced car, a lot of friends is not particularly understanding. Balance of the car, as the name implies, is to balance alone free driving car, a two wheels, electric drive, body weight control, but won't fall, following the body automatically means of transportation. It's driving almost no threshold. As long as it electricity, people stand on the pedal can balance automatically, lean forward to drive it in advance. Koowheel new energy launched a series of "smart" personal vehicles, core idea is "let a person more freedom" enjoy intelligence bring people convenient.

Koowheel new energy in promoting environmental protection green travel at the same time, the intention to cover the entire people and lines, line and intelligent products chain, from portable short self balancing electric scooter, two wheeled scooter to change of intelligent lifestyle, Koowheel new energy innovation move really feel erupt, a praise. It is understood that Koowheel new energy will also be in the field of intelligent technology for global consumers to develop more products and services.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up riding your balance car to go out for a drive! With the environmental protection, the healthy and fashionable way to feel the beauty of nature. This information come from http://www.koowheelmall.com

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