6 Coloured orchids you can give someone

Posted by Marc Enners on April 12th, 2022

Orchidsare one of the best options to gift someone. Flowers can never be wrong when you want to show love and respect, and express a deep feeling for someone. They are adorable to all and there would be very less people who say no to flowers.


If you want to give flowers to someone special, pick Orchids in one go! Orchids come with eye-soothing natural colours that also have different significance. So, you can choose different Orchids for different people. Have a quick read below to know about the six major Orchid colours and their meaning!


Table of contents:


·         6 orchid colours & their different symbols

·         3 surefire gift ideas with orchids

·         The bottom line


6 Orchid colours & their different symbols


1.      To begin with blue orchids, are one of the best flowers in the world. To show beauty, uniqueness, and spirituality, blue is the one-stop colours in orchids.

2.      Purple Orchids! The symbol of royalty and authority is the purple orchids.

3.      If you want to show love and strength together, go with the red ones. Red Orchids look elegant and magnificent in a bouquet. They show passion, love, determination, and strength.

4.      How can we forget the peaceful white colour? The white coloured Orchids show peace and purity.

5.      Orange Orchids! Another best option to express freshness, inspiration, and joy is the orange colour. They go best when you want to present a thank you gift or corporate gift to someone.

6.      Green Coloured Orchids! Wish good health, joy, and good luck to your grandparents, families, and friends with a green orchid planter or posies today! You never need a special occasion to give blessings to someone. Right?


3 surefire gift ideas with orchids


Choosing what to present or gift someone is always a complex task because you just need to take care of their likes and dislikes. Off course, you don’t want to make them feel bad after they open your present. Orchids are great options that go with most people on most occasions.


But, choose the colour wisely! Orchid has different and vivacious colours which show different expression and meaning. So, consider putting a little effort there. Here are three easy and quick gift ideas with Orchids!


·         The multi-Orchid bouquets! Bouquets look classy and elegant for any occasion like weddings, birthdays, engagements, parties, etc. If you are attending a corporate party, choose orange and white orchid bouquets to show respect, inspiration, and encouragement.

·         Personalised orchid planters! They are also a great gift for friends, families, and neighbours. You can pick white, green, and purple orchids to show your respect, cheerfulness, and good luck to the receiver.

·         Orchid gift basket! You can mix versatility in this gift option. One of the best friends of flowers is chocolates. And when you want to give flowers to the person you love, red, purple, and pink orchids are the best. Add some favourite chocolates, treats, and small other gifts to make a customized gift basket.


The bottom line


When we talk about flowers, we mean goodwill, happiness, peace, and love. They are the silent communicators that connect people heart to heart. Orchids are one of the most popular flowers which people use for various purposes.


There are multiple florists and flower shops that deliver fresh Orchids Sydney-wide! So, if you feel you need to say thank you to someone or wish them good luck, Orchids can be the best pick ever!

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