Guide on How to Get Master of Darkness Achievement in Blade and Soul

Posted by goldsafe21 on May 17th, 2016

Have you been trying to get the Master of Darkness achievement? Some players have been complaining about its complication. Here Safewow offers a few tips to help you to get that. For cheap gold Blade and Soul gold for sale, Safewow is your best and first choice.

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1.You can max some of your accessories and weapon to true scorpion, upgrade your gems and use some buffs.
2.He reaches another 20% threshold and has another jump to the middle. But he has to meet the condition of being in melee range. So what you can do is to kite him and sometimes his invulnerability fades gives you lots of time to apply burn.
3.As for the ping indicator, it is a rain meter skin. You need to download rain meter 4 beta and then run this plug-in. Then you need to load the BnSna.ini and put it on stay topmost. The NA file could have some unnecessary boat.
4.You can put down fire tab before you engage then use it when he is about to do the first 1-2 punch. He will waste more time to try to get up. Then you may be able to skip the 80% fire.
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