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Posted by bruce zhu on April 12th, 2022

Under the dual carbon goal, urban distribution new energy logistics vehicles have started explosive growth. On April 9th, the Southwest Regional Tasting Conference of Yuanyuan Automobile with the theme of \"Gathering Power in Rongcheng, Enjoying the Future with Wisdom\" came to a successful conclusion. In this tasting meeting, Yuanyuan Motors brought the light business Yuanyuan Xingxiang V, Yuanyuan Xingxiang E6, Yuanyuan Xingzhi H, Yuanyuan Fengrui F3E, and Yuanyuan Fengrui E200s refrigerated trucks HOWO in Chengdu. Gathered with the logistics industry, partners and many freight platform users and guests to discuss green urban distribution solutions and appreciate the unique charm of light business 2.0 generation products.

The commercial vehicle industry urgently needs to restructure the underlying logic from R&D, manufacturing to ecology with new energy and intelligence as the core. In response to the needs of different transportation scenarios such as express logistics, community group purchases, and intra-city distribution on freight platforms, Long-distance Auto Light Commercial Products has continuously launched market segment products to form a long-distance automobile business matrix.

Hu Xiaowei, Deputy General Manager of Geely Commercial Vehicle Light Commercial Business Department and General Manager of Light Commercial Marketing Company, said at the meeting that as the first commercial vehicle brand in China to complete a multi-energy layout and realize the new energy of all products, Yuanyuan Automobile continues to lead the industry upgrade . Long-distance automobile light commercial products have formed a power technology route with pure electric and extended range as the core, occupying the commanding heights of technology and becoming a new force in China\'s commercial vehicles. At present, three major urban distribution logistics and transportation product brands, Yuanyuan Xingxiang, Yuanyuan Xingzhi and Yuanyuan Fengrui, have been deployed to realize the rapid leap from the 1.0 generation to the 2.0 generation of new energy commercial vehicles.

In this tasting, the high-profile is the just-launched Yuanyuan Xingxiang V. This product represents the upgrade of Geely’s commercial vehicle VAN vehicle technology from the 1.0th generation to the 2.0th generation. . As a \'large space mid-face leader\' light passenger product, \'really generous, special energy wear\' is one of its most notable features. Through the forward development of a new lightweight cage body, Yuanyuan Automobile provides users with a true 6-square-meter leapfrog space, meets the diversified transportation needs of \"supplier-warehouse-distribution center-store\" for the city, and provides flexible and efficient multiple options. .

In terms of power, the remote star share V is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the peak torque can reach 60KW, and the peak torque is as high as 220 Nm; and on the battery, the vehicle\'s operating conditions can range up to 300 kilometers, with 20%-80% charging It only takes 50 minutes, perfectly adapting to the needs of urban distribution logistics vehicles. Taking into account the driving scenarios of urban distribution logistics users, the remote Xingxiang V has increased the width of the seat cushion to 500mm. The wider seat cushion greatly improves the wrapping feeling of the seat back and flanks, which can effectively reduce fatigue and make driving more comfortable. Blessing the appearance of positive development, the appearance of VAN trucks has also been raised to a new level. Ultra-high cost performance, large space and diversified comfortable driving experience, it is superior to competing products of the same level in terms of cruising range, three-electric system, efficient carrying, large capacity, safety and reliability, comfort and convenience, and vehicle energy consumption control.

The light truck that also attracted much attention in this tasting session - Remote Xingzhi H also won unanimous praise from the guests. With a personalized and cool design language, the remote Xingzhi H refreshes the new height of aesthetics and new light trucks, and meets the new ideas of young trendy personality. Relying on cutting-edge innovative technology and hard-core intelligent strength, the intelligent upgrade of multi-dimensional human-vehicle interaction is realized. Internet and software applications, intelligently link \"people, vehicles, roads and goods\" to build a new ecology of green and smart logistics.

The extremely lightweight design supports large-size cargo boxes and improves the loading capacity. CATL\'s CTP battery guarantees battery life and power. It is equipped with ADAS, an advanced driver assistance system, and features industry-leading configurations such as collision power-off, dual airbags, and intelligent power supplementation. It can be described as a veritable \"cool light truck, smart and must-have\".

Yuanxingzhi was born from a 100% forward R&D new energy exclusive architecture, and its brand new platform covers a variety of products. From the perspective of vehicle design, the whole vehicle has been integrated with an intelligent architecture from the very beginning of its design, which makes the layout and connection of the vehicle\'s hardware and software architecture more forward-looking and reasonable, so that new energy commercial vehicles can continue to operate in efficient and intelligent scenarios. The potential of OTA upgrade to adapt to the future development trend of smart logistics.

Yuanyuan Fengrui F3E small truck with a total weight of 3.5 tons also made a stunning appearance. Yuanyuan Fengrui F3E is a wealth-creating car built for contemporary entrepreneurial youth. , There are pigments and materials, and the economy is more practical. 3600mm ultra-long wheelbase, 3700mm ultra-long cargo compartment, leading loading space in its class. In terms of power, Yuanyuan Fengrui F3E is equipped with a domestic first-line brand 61.8kWh power battery, equipped with a high-quality motor with a peak torque of up to 255N m, and a full-load battery life of more than 200 kilometers.

In 2021, long-distance cars have achieved remarkable results. The new energy light truck won the first place in the country in the market segment, with a year-on-year increase of 461% in sales volume, and a year-on-year increase of 335% in the sales of VAN vehicle products. From January to February 2022, the sales volume of new energy light trucks of Yuanyuan Automobile ranked first, with a year-on-year increase of 345%. On the site of the tasting meeting, the dealers in the southwest region of Yuanyuan Automobile held the signing ceremony and delivery ceremony with the major customers, which also verified that Yuanyuan Automobile has won a good reputation in the market.

With the completion of the product-side intelligent and networked layout, Yuanyuan Auto is committed to integrating upstream and downstream businesses, and realizes a new business model from \"car\"-centered to \"goods\"-centered through strategic collaboration. In 2022, the remote car will accelerate the landing of \"long-distance e-home\" to provide users with high-quality services throughout the life cycle. At the same time, it will further build the second curve of the super APP cloud platform, so that each scene can be reached with users. In the future, the long-distance car will be user-driven product and service upgrades, centering on the development positioning of \"intelligent green transportation technology integrated service provider\", adhere to product technology and business model innovation, and contribute to industry reform.

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