Facts About ADA Platform Lifts in Chicagoland and Chicago, IL

Posted by accesselevatordotnet on April 12th, 2022

Moving freely is essential whether one remains inside the home or wants to gain access to a public facility/building. Entering a museum or library that had been constructed decades ago may become impossible for the elderly and disabled citizens due to steep stairs and sharp inclines that must be navigated to reach the innermost part of the building. The authorities or the contractor hired to improve access to a specific part of the city does not have to destroy and reconstruct a particular area, thus inconveniencing other citizens. Instead, installing quality wheelchair ramps in Chicago and Wausau, IL, will do admirably.

Interestingly, such ramps allow scooters and wheelchairs to pass through conveniently to access the door, corners, or elevator. The installation of a wheelchair ramp can be amazingly effective for a self-owned home. Sure, most individuals do not think of having a ramp indoors, but its efficacy has stood the test of time and encouraged numerous senior citizens to welcome this addition. Some of the advantages that are definite to be appreciated by the end-user include:

Stress-Free Navigation- Many homes, built decades earlier may include a couple of stairs in front of the elevated entrance. Climbing the stairs may prove to be difficult for the old and unfit individuals who would have to wait for assistance. A wheelchair ramp constructed to provide instant access to the entrance is a value addition most elderly citizens have endorsed.

Vehicle Entry & Exit- The ramps also enable one to drive up to the property without any hindrance. This makes moving inside or exiting one’s home convenient. The need to wait for assistance or use a mobility device painstakingly is made redundant thanks to the sturdy ramp that provides a passage for vehicles and wheelchairs or two-wheelers.

Ensures Safety – The instances of slips and falls remain low when there is a ramp to cover the troublesome areas. Seniors do not only find it convenient to remain in charge but their confidence gets a boost when they do not have to think of moving into an assisted living facility. Returning home in the dark or amid pelting rain is simple when there is a ramp to help individuals who use wheelchairs gain access inside. The risks of falls, injuries, and fractures are exceedingly low.

Materials- One does not have to think about constructing the amp with concrete, however. There are multiple options available today for installing a temporary ramp that can be removed as and when necessary. Stainless steel is the material of choice for most homeowners, while those installed in public areas may be made out of rubber or treated wood.

Elderly persons and disabled individuals may opt for installing an ADA platform lift in Chicagoland and Chicago, IL, that needs to comply with the American Disabilities Act regulations. Such inclined platforms are usually installed in public buildings, including churches, community halls, schools, and commercial establishments.

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