How to deal with Distributed Denial of Service attack?

Posted by hyperfilter on May 17th, 2016

You should understand how DDoS attack is organized so that you can implement the best strategy to overcome those attacks. After recognizing various kinds of programs, the best program can be implemented so that attacks will be under control. There should be measures to prevent attacks as well as to deal with attacks.

Understanding attacks

There will be a person acting behind the client to initiate DDoS attacks. A host will be compromised to run the special program and the host is called a handler. Multiple agents are controlled by each handler. The agent is also a compromised host and it is committed to run the special program. Streams of packets will be generated by the agent and they will be directed towards the victim. Best DDoS Mitigationservices should be subscribed to overcome these attacks.

Attackers will use different kinds of programs. If the DDoS attack is successful, you can understand that there are several hundreds or thousands of compromised hosts. In most of the cases, these hosts will be either Linux or SUN computers. However, they have the capability to port tools into other platforms as well. The compromising of a host and installation of a tool is automated. It will be done in a systematic way. The scan phase will be initiated in which large number of hosts will be probed and the vulnerability will be noticed. The vulnerable hosts will be compromised and tool will be installed in the third step. Further scanning will be done by compromised hosts and tools will be installed on a continuous basis.

Prevention of attacks

In order to prevent attacks highly efficient DDoS Mitigationservice should be implemented. Each packet will be verified. If it is genuine, it will be allowed to go ahead. If there is deviation, the packet will be dropped. The router should be configured properly to address the issue.

There are special programs to capture evidence and with the evidence, law enforcement agencies will be contacted. The packet capture can be accomplished on various systems including Windows, Solaris and Linux operating system.

The DDoS attacks have become a continuous threat to websites, networks and servers. The mitigation service has the highest priority to address DDoS attacks. If attacks are at transport or network layer level, they can deal very easily. Now, DDoS attacks are taking place at application layer. Attackers are using highly sophisticated measures. Hence, the task of mitigation has become very difficult.

There are instances where DDoS attacks are used to mask other kinds of breaches. In order to prevent great damage to business in terms of sales and reputation, it is worthwhile to invest on best mitigation service. The professional service provider will ensure that your needs are fulfilled in a very efficient way. The server will be setup in the best possible way and the mitigation will be done very efficiently. Unmatched web and application protection can be experienced by subscribing to the best service.

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