Alfa Chemistry Introduces a Full Range of Nanofibers

Posted by Tylor on April 14th, 2022

Over the last year, Alfa Chemistry has launched varieties of nanomaterials such as nanoprisms and nanofoil. The high quality and fast delivery are well-recognized by the customers worldwide. Alfa Chemistry continues to shoulder the responsibility and plans to release more nanomaterial types. Earlier this month, the company introduced a full range of nanofibers, adding to its already versatile product portfolio.

Nanofibers are of 50–1000 nm in size, having unique properties such as high surface area–to–volume ratio, interconnected nanoporosity, and high mass transport properties. Hence, they have gained tremendous attention, especially for applications in fields like energy storage and generation, chemical and biological sensors, pharmaceutical and textile industries, water purification, and environmental remediation.

Applications of Nanofibers

Filtration materials field

Properties like large specific surface area, porosity and good permeability makes nanofibers appropriate to serve as filtration materials to adsorb and separate tiny particles. Modified nanofibers with enhanced filtration accuracy can be used on scenarios of metal ion adsorption, air filtration, liquid filtration and the others.

Controlled drug release field

Nanofibers with high specific surface area can be designed to control the drug release rate.

Sensor material field

Due to the high specific surface area and excellent electrochemistry, nanofibers can be used as sensor materials for pressure, inorganic gases, and organic compounds. Moreover, nanofibers can be applied as biosensors to detect toxic cells in living organisms.

“Of course, nanofibers can also be used in many other fields. For instance, nanofibers have wide applications in medicinal pharmacy, textiles, tissue engineering, and even food packaging because of their desirable mechanical properties,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

Committed to consistent quality and execution, researchers at Alfa Chemistry have developed dozens of high-quality nanofibers, including but not limited to: carbon nanofibers, lithium manganese oxide, calcium carbonate, alumina (Al2O3) nanofibers, aluminium nanopowder, aluminum oxide nanopowder, anatase nanofiber urchin, cadmium selenide nano powder, cdte quantum dots hydrophilic, cellulose nanofiber (50nm), cerium oxide nanopowder, copper nanopowder, graphene single layer and many more.

For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s offering of nanofibers, please visit or just simply send an email to us.

About Alfa Chemistry

As a famed chemical supplier, Alfa Chemistry tries to bring out the best value for their customers from both quality and cost-saving perspective. At the same time, the whole staff prioritizes the significance of continuous innovation and works very hard to build a comprehensive product portfolio that covers catalysts, metal materials, graphenes, nanomaterials, functional polymers, lipids and fatty acids for universities, research institutes as well as manufacturers.

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