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Posted by Tylor on April 14th, 2022

Alfa Chemistry Catalysts has gained rich expertise in catalysis and today it announces the release of a wide range of highly effective precious metal catalysts, including palladium catalysts, rhodium catalysts, platinum catalysts, and ruthenium catalysts for researchers worldwide. Previously, the company has launched a series of other high quality catalysts, such as chiral catalysts, non-metal catalysts, organocatalysts, phase transfer catalysts, and photocatalysts. Each can be used to accelerate different types of chemical reactions, whereas all are well-received and well-recognized by consumers.

Precious metal catalysts consist of highly dispersed precious metal particles supported on a high surface area such as carbon, silica, and alumina. They have extraordinary performance in speeding up chemical process and are thus extensively used in the chemical industry as well as other fields.

Among all varieties of precious metals catalysts, the platinum group metals catalysts are pioneers which start the initial precious metal research because of their higher efficiency to catalyze reactions, high stability in various oxidation states and wider functional-group tolerance compared with other metals.

Ruthenium catalysts

Ruthenium-based catalysts are involved in a variety of organic reactions, such as alkylation, allylation, arylation, cyclization, cyclopropanation, hydrogenation, hydroformylation, hydrosilylation, hydroxylation, isomerization, olefin metathesis, oxidation, transfer hydrogenation, tandem reactions, water splitting, etc. The ruthenium catalysts provided by Alfa Chemistry Catalysts include: sodium ruthenate solution (cas 17001-79-5) and tris(2,4-pentanedionato) ruthenium(iii) (cas 14284-93-6).

Rhodium catalysts

Rhodium catalysts are used in a number of industrial processes, notably in catalytic carbonylation of methanol to produce acetic acid. The rhodium catalysts available at Alfa Chemistry Catalysts are: rhodium(iii) acetate solution (cas 26105-49-7), rhodium(ii) octanoate (cas 73482-96-9), and RhH(CO)(PPh3)3 (cas 17185-29-4).

Palladium catalysts

Palladium can form versatile catalysts to speed heterogeneous catalytic processes like hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, and petroleum cracking. Alfa Chemistry Catalysts offers the below palladium catalysts: palladium nitrate solution (cas 10102-05-3), tetraammine palladium(ii) hydroxide solution (cas 68413-68-3), palladium(ii) acetate (cas 3375-31-3), sodium tetrachloro palladium(ii) crystals     (cas 13820-53-6), pd (dppf) chloride(ii) (cas 72287-26-4), and palladium(ii) acetylacetonate    (cas 14024-61-4).


Platinum catalysts

Supported platinum catalysts are amongst the most active catalysts for complete oxidation of VOCs in environmental emission control. Customers can easily obtain the following platinum catalysts: platinum ethanolammine solution (cas 68133-90-4), pt-nitrate solution (cas 18496-40-7), dihydrogen hexahydroxyplatinum(iv)      (cas 52438-26-3/51850-20-5), 1,3 divinyl- 1,1,3,3,tetramethyldisiloxane platinum(0) karstedt\'s catalyst  (cas 68478-92-2), dinitrodiammineplatinum(ii) in nh3 (cas 14286-02-3), and tetramethyl tetravinyl cyclotetrasiloxane platinum(0) ashby\'s catalyst (cas 68585-32-0).

“In addition to the above-mentioned precious metal catalysts, our technicians have many years of hands-on laboratory practice in chemical synthesis, and can offer tailored synthesis services or related technical advices, aiming to drive customer’s research projects to the final success,” says a spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry Catalysts.

For more information about Alfa Chemistry Catalysts’ offering of precious metal catalysts, please visit or email us directly.

About Alfa Chemistry Catalysts

As always, Alfa Chemistry Catalysts positions itself as a loyal partner for researchers, steadily offering stable, high-efficient, and inexpensive catalysts for them. The whole staff team is seeking to provide better customer experience and thus tremendous efforts have been made. The expansion of product offering is exactly one necessary step to achieve this goal. Now the company offers chiral catalysts, ligands, metal catalysts, non-metal catalysts, organocatalysts, phase transfer catalysts, photocatalysts and many other catalysts.

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