Life Sciences Standards Are Just Released at Alfa Chemistry

Posted by Tylor on April 14th, 2022

Alfa Chemistry, a supplier of high-quality analytical standards, reagents, and sample preparation products, announces to expand its offerings of chromatography standards by adding life sciences standards. After this step is fully implemented, researchers worldwide can easily find the most commonly seen life sciences standards they need from Alfa Chemistry.

In life science research, methods like LC and LC-MS are usually used to measure therapeutic biological molecules. In order to make the LC and LC-MS systems fulfill their mission, specific standards and reagents are needed. These standards specifically designed for critical life science applications are called life sciences standards.

“We offer a wide range of high-quality reference reagents to help researchers develop and validate various bioanalytical applications performed on UPLC, HPLC, or LC/MS instrumentation,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “Using the optimum standard is a deciding factor to make sure your equipment can behave best.”

In most cases, the use of standards and reagents in life science research has two biggest benefits: first, to drive successful results; second, to add an additional layer of assurance to the analyses already made.

The most commonly seen life sciences standards are: amino acid standards, peptide standards, protein standards, oligonucleotides standards, and glycan standards. Each type can be used for the study of different biomolecules.  Below are some of the life sciences standards provided by Alfa Chemistry:

L-Lysine hydrochloride solution (cas 10098-89-2), d-pinitol (cas 10284-63-6), bakuchiol (cas 10309-37-2), (rs)-(methylenecyclopropyl)acetic acid (cas 1073-00-3), ginkgolide j (cas 107438-79-9), methyl all-cis-7,10,13,16,19-docosapentaenoate (cas 108698-02-8), diethyl sebacate (cas 110-40-7), ginkgolic acid c17:1 (cas 111047-30-4), l-arginine hydrochloride solution (cas 1119-34-2), 4-allylpyrocatechol (cas 1126-61-0), obidoxime chloride (cas 114-90-9), avenanthramide c (cas 116764-15-9), 6-benzylaminopurine (cas 1214-39-7), salvianolic acid b (cas 121521-90-2), methyl heptadecanoate-d33 (cas 1219804-81-5), glyceryl trioleate (cas 122-32-7), lysozyme from chicken egg white (cas 12650-88-3), sennoside b (cas 128-57-4), shikimic acid (cas 138-59-0), (rs)-mevalonic acid lithium salt (cas 150-97-0), etc.

As always, Alfa Chemistry is at the forefront of technical innovation, strictly follows the regulatory compliance, and strives to provide the best quality reagents and standards for customers worldwide. Visit to learn more.

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Alfa Chemistry provides a wide range of reliable, precise and fast analytical testing services for clients across the globe who have testing needs for their materials and products. With experience and expertise, the company is fully aware of the challenges facing analytical testing today, and as an innovator, it constantly optimizes its product lines to maximize its role in the science community.

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