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Posted by Luke Manczak on May 17th, 2016

Anything artificial can have adverse effects on your body and health when used for prolonged period. This is why many doctors recommend natural contraception over artificial methods of preventing pregnancy. If you have any reservation about using unnatural contraceptive methods and invasive hormone therapies (and you should), it is for the best that you consider using non hormonal contraception devices like Lady-Comp.

As the most widely used fertility management and monitoring device in Europe, countless women and couples testify to Lady-Comp’s claims of 99.3% premium accuracy in determining a woman's peak fertility and alerting users when it is safe to have intercourse to deter pregnancy.

A non hormonal contraception device is the best choice for women who want to adopt a more health conscious lifestyle. These are advanced devices designed for non-invasive, all-natural family planning and contraception that use the latest in research and technology to ensure close to 100% precision in analyzing and evaluating each user's personal ovulation cycle. Lady-Comp, for one, uses a scientifically proven system and method that promotes natural, hormone-free, and ethical birth control with equal and even higher effectiveness as/than some of the most popular, yet potentially harmful/risky contraceptive methods.

Fertility management monitors are non-intrusive devices that are designed for easy and efficient use at home. When you are in the market for a non hormonal contraception device, go for a name that is trusted by thousands others worldwide.

The key to effective contraception and natural family planning is getting in tune with your body. Natural contraception monitors enable you to track your menstrual cycle and your fertility with utmost precision, by analyzing your own cycle data and cross-referencing or comparing it with years of research data to ensure accurate predictions of your ovulation period. These devices teach you to schedule intercourse around your fertile days, thus eliminating the need for unhealthy artificial contraceptives that range from pills to invasive devices and hormones that cause many side effects, especially after prolonged use.

The most efficient non hormonal contraception devices are those that are designed by a tight team of gynecologists, fertility experts, and software specialists who combine their expertise to create a powerful device that offers supreme accuracy. These knowledgeable specialists develop the latest technologies and systems based on the most recent and relevant natural planning research and extensive historical and clinical research data collected over many, many years. This ensures the highest level of accuracy in determining each unique user's peak fertility.

About The Company:

Lady-Comp UK is the natural family planning store in the UK that offers the worldwide sale of Lady-Comp; the first natural contraception and family planning monitor in the world with the highest effectiveness. It is among the Europe's most trusted and recommended natural contraception / family planning monitors.

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