CD Formulation Launches Tailored Solutions for Increased Bioavailability Excipie

Posted by Helen Smith on April 14th, 2022

In a recent statement, the York-based CRO company CD Formulation announces the launch of tailored solutions for increased bioavailability excipients, which aims to tackle the issue of poor bioavailability, a long-lasting challenge in drug development.

Many drug candidates unfortunately stopped their way ahead from the discovery pipeline just simply because they are poorly water-soluble, which further leads to poor bioavailability.

Pharmaceutical excipients play magic roles to achieve better drug delivery and adoption. Many challenges can be resolved with the optimal choice of excipients. The use of increased bioavailability excipients can assist with getting the active ingredient into the bloodstream and thus achieve better drug efficiency. Consequently, the demand for solubility-enhancing excipients has been on the rise.

Besides, increased bioavailability excipients also have benefits such as maintaining the dissolved state of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in the gastrointestinal tract or cooperating with the digestion and absorption of physiological lipids in the body to promote the absorption of drugs.

Classification of Increased Bioavailability Excipients


Carbohydrate-based parenteral excipients, such as trehalose, sucrose, mannitol, sorbitol and maltose, enable formulation scientists to stabilize large and small molecule injection therapies.


Polymer excipients stabilize amorphous drugs in a solid state and then remain supersaturated in the aqueous phase. They can also be used to control the release of drugs upon dissolution.

Surface Active Agent

Surface Active Agent such as polyethylene glycol glycerol can be used to prepare lipid-based formulations that significantly improve solubility and thus oral bioavailability through various self-emulsifying systems.

In addition to increased bioavailability excipients, several techniques are being used to improve the bioavailability of low-water-soluble pharmaceutical compounds, including solid dispersion, micronization, solvent evaporation, ordered mixing, solvent deposition inclusion, and steam-assisted granulation.

The customized synthesis and manufacturing of increased bioavailability excipients can be at any quantity. Please visit to explore more.

About CD Formulation

Having accomplished several drug formulation research projects, CD Formulation is encouraged to further enrich its business range, to provide a more comprehensive service portfolio for its valued customers worldwide. More services such as drug packaging test, sealing test of pharmaceutical packaging materials, detection of fluorescent whitening agents in pharmaceutical packaging materials, packaging design have been added. As always, the company prioritizes what concerns clients most and responds quickly to help solve problems with full momentum.

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