Choose Lace Wigs Based on Your Face Shape!

Posted by Colin Harper on May 17th, 2016

A lot of women love to experiment with new looks until they get their most desirable appearance. Lace wigs can help women look attractive. Wig lovers are aware of the various benefits of lace wigs. They can help in improving the physical appearance and lifestyle of the person wearing it. Fashionable women love to look better and different by wearing different wigs.

However, finding the right wig could be a task. Certains wigs look great on some people, but the same wigs may look very bad on someone else. This is because the wig you have chosen doesn’t go with your face shape. To find the perfect hair wig, understand your face shape and buy a wig that suits you.

Square: Square shape faces have the same length and width. A strong jaw and bone structure differentiates a square shape face from a round face. You main goal would be to elongate the face and give a softer appeal. Choose a short or medium Lace Front Wigs With Bangs to look more feminine.  Avoid long or straight hair or lace wigs with middle parts. Bold colored lace wigs are great for a square jawbones.

Long: Long face shapes can begin to look aged over a period of time. A lot of women get shorter hair cuts to offset a long face, but it only makes the face appear more longer. Others try to have longer hair to hide a long face, and that only make them look agee. Balance your face with soft bangs with full width styles. Curly or wavy lace wigs of medium length are great. For a full lace wig, a back high ponytail works well and does not even add too much length to the face.

Heart-shaped: If you a wide or average forehead, narrow chin and temple to temple, you have a heart-shaped face. A chin length bob works great for such s shape.

Round: If you have full cheeks and a rounded chin, then you have a round face. Choosing a wrong hairstyle may add to the roundness and make you look fat. A short hairstyle with fullness around the ears or chopped or blunt bangs may not look great on you. To get a slender look, choose hairstyles with off center parts and fullness at the crown. Long human hair lace wigs will look great as they help in offsetting your round face.

Oval: If you have a narrower jaw line than your temples and a slightly rounded hairline, then you have an oval shape face. Such face looks good with several hairstyles. However, it is advisable to avoid choose hairstyles that cover your face with lots of hair. Full styles look great, but never choose a hairstyle that hides your cheekbones, hairline and jawline as it will just spoil your look. Invest in full lace wigs for a slicked back hairstyle.

The process of buying a lace wig for the first time could be a tedious one as there is a lot of choice. Understanding your face type may help the process simpler.

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