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Posted by Mords1944 on April 14th, 2022

The kitchen is a central focus in any home. Most homeowners strive to make their kitchens outstanding. This has often resulted in many renovation projects. However, some homeowners start their renovations without clear ideas of what to do. In this regard, we’ll share a few ideas that can get you started when renovating your kitchen.

1.     Antique look

One of the most ignored kitchen ideas is the antique look. Many homeowners are going for modern kitchen ideas forgetting how an antique look can enhance the appearance of their kitchens. You don’t have to make your kitchen look rusty for it to be antique; a simple installation of maple kitchen cabinets can do the trick. 

Antique looks are unique because they are rare in the real estate market. Furthermore, it is a sign of wealth and elegance that you might want in your kitchen.

2.     Kitchen island

The idea of a kitchen island never gets old. Creating a kitchen island serves two purposes i.e. enhancing the beauty of the kitchen and also improving the functionality of the kitchen. It gives you an extra space where you can meet as a family to have a meal or evening talks. You must have a well-thought kitchen island that matches your maple kitchen cabinets for it to be beautiful.


3.     Light fixtures

Lighting is an important aspect of the kitchen. You need a well-lit kitchen to enjoy the aesthetic appearance of the kitchen. There are two ways to add more light to the kitchen i.e. open up the walls or add light fixtures. Since tearing down the walls can be expensive, you are left with the option of adding light fixtures. Additions such as under-cabinet LED lights and a chandelier on top of the kitchen island are great ideas to get started.

4.     Bold colors

Another idea is to install cabinets with bold colors in your kitchen. If you have expensive cabinetry like maple kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to do anything. However, if you have regular cabinetry, changing their colors to bold ones like red, blue, or orange can help you to improve the appearance of the cabinets.

5.     Open shelves

You can also opt for open shelves in your kitchen. This is an aesthetic value that also doubles up as a functional idea. You can install open shelves that fit the size and style of your kitchen.

With these ideas, you’ll have a good and functional kitchen.

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