Identify The Presence Of Combustible Gases With Multi-Gas Detectors

Posted by Lisa Williams on May 17th, 2016

Ensuring safety measures at workplace is essential to keep workers away from unexpected injuries or mishaps. A safe working environment allows workers to work freely, fearlessly and safely. When working at chemistry labs or oil & gas refineries, toxic exposure and gas leak are more likely to occur. Harmful to humans and animals, gas leak is a life threatening occurrence. When a gas leak takes place, it may set fire, create panic, or cause irreparable loss. The only way to prevent such occurrences is to equip your workplace with highly-sensitive gas detectors. These devices can detect the presence of flammable, combustible and toxic gases in a specified area before the actual damage is done. A wide variety of gas detectors is available in the market today. These include Portable gas monitors, GFG gas detectors and Multi-gas detectors. But, all the detectors are not suitable for all gases. You’ll need one that fits your workplace and meets your specific requirements.

Multi-gas detectors, as the name suggests, are compact portable devices typically employed to detect gas leak in highly risky work environments. These detectors generally use 2 to 6 sensors to detect a number of gases. For extended gas detection, they can have a photo ionization detector. The sensors used in multi-gas detectors can typically sense LEL or combustible gases like methane, LPG, hexane, propane, carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), etc. On the other hand, PID (Photo Ionization Detector) can measure volatile organic compounds and other gases. By using multi-gas detectors, you can protect your workers from hazards of toxic and combustible gases in confined space entries and potentially risky work environments.

When the presence of a gas is detected, the detector uses alarms, lights or signals to alert workers about the gas leak. Most detectors are portable battery-powered devices with a full graphics LCD screen. Moreover, reading can be zoomed or flipped by just pushing a button. Unlike traditional detectors that sense the presence of only one gas, multi-gas detectors can detect several gases at the same time. Loaded with impressive features, these detectors can help the operators find the area where exactly the gas leak is occurring. Some of the recognized features of multi-gas detectors include rechargeable battery, compact design, accurate results and user-friendly interface. These devices are largely applicable in oil rigs, chemistry labs, mines, refineries, industrial plants, waste-water plants and other work environments where there is a risk of gas leak.

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