Tips to Increase Mobile's battery life

Posted by Andrew Jackson on May 17th, 2016

Most of the good, high-end smartphones come with powerful configuration and operating system ensuring hassle-free and smooth multi-tasking and working of the device. When the handset is equipped with great features, then the battery life becomes the major cause of concern  for the users as it will get drained out very soon.  On an average, the battery lasts for about 8-9 hours of medium usage. Even good Android smartphones with reasonable Samsung J5 price  or  even more cheaper Samsung J3 price do not have endless battery life besides having robust configuration.

Tired of charging your mobile every night? We provide the users few tips on how to improve the battery life of a mobile :

1. Uninstall irrelevant apps : Normally, users open an app and forget about closing it. This kind of activity drains the mobile battery to a large extent. The user should uninstall the unnecessary apps which are consuming lot of power. In case few apps cannot be uninstalled, then disable them.

2. Limited use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth : The user should turn off 3G/4G, Wi-fi or Bluetooth signal when not in use as lot of battery is drained while searching for the signals. Repeated searches can reduce the the battery to half in mere few seconds. In case the user does not require high speed data, then they can opt for 2G mobile network instead of 3G or 4G network. In this way, you are also connected to inetrnet and the battery is not draining off. GPS should also be disabled when it is not being used as it involves receiving and sending signals leading to high consumption of battery.

3. Use a black background : If the device sports AMOLED screen, then black background is preferable as AMOLED screens reduces the power usage drastically in case of black display in comparison with white or any other color. Black wallpaper can also help in saving battery as darker the pixels, less power will be required to light them up. In the similar manner, you can also save the battery life of Dell Inspiron 3542.

4. Use Power saving app : There are many Android apps that claim to optimize performance and improve battery life. One such app is Greenify which puts the other apps into hibernation when they are not being used by the user. This boosts the battery performance as irrelevant apps are being prevented from operating in the background. Alternatively, user can also install Go Battery Saver/ Power widget.

5. Lesser Screen Brightness : The brightness of the screen reduces the battery life in low levels in short span of time. The power consumed will be less if the screen is dimmed. Hence the user is advisable to enable the Auto-Brightness option in phone settings. Furthermore, shortening the screen timeout will also be helpful. You can also follow few of the above important tips to save the battery life of a digital camera like Canon 1300d.

6. Using a Static Wallpaper : Animated and flashy screen savers will drain the battery life of a smartphone to half in few minutes. If the smartphone supports AMOLED screen,  then using black colored wallpaper will further enhance the battery life.

Moreover, keeping the smartphone in a cool place and not in direct sunlight will also help in saving the battery as direct exposure to sun heats up the battery. You can also put higher capacity battery for more power but the expense of little more weight to the handset. Alternatively, the user can also purchase reasonable Mi Power Bank Price of 10,400mAH capacity or more.


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