How to Get Pregnant Fast With the Use of a Fertility Monitor

Posted by Luke Manczak on May 17th, 2016

Are you having a difficult time getting pregnant? Perhaps you should join the growing number of women who are now turning to more natural methods— such as monitoring their fertility and their menstrual cycle— so as to increase their chances of pregnancy. Using a fertility monitor can provide you a more accurate and scientific way by determining the most fertile days in your menstrual cycle. With an accurate and state-of-the-art fertility monitor, you can eliminate the guesswork when trying to get pregnant. Here is how this device can help you get pregnant fast:

  • It can tell you the best time to get pregnant – A fertility monitor can precisely determine when you are most fertile based on your morning temperature. In 30 seconds, a thermal sensor will accurately read your basal body temperature to 1/100th degree. You will be alerted when you are fertile.

Using a fertility monitor eliminates the need to rely on medical and herbal supplements that claim to be helpful in increasing your chances to become pregnant. Likewise, it tells you exactly when you are not ovulating or if you have any hormonal imbalances, which can be the reason for early miscarriages.

  • Detect hormonal imbalance – A high-end fertility monitor can detect the presence of hormones and if they are fluctuating. A highly sensitive thermometer can easily recognise increasing temperature levels while evaluating the duration of hormonal fluctuations. This way, the fertility monitor is able to detect CLI (corpus luteum deficiency) that causes hormonal imbalance and early miscarriages.

  • Planning and statistical methods – The microcomputer has a database of more than 700,000 cycles. The data can be significant when you and your physician are trying to determine why you are having difficulty getting pregnant. Statistical and planning methods may help detect different causes of infertility, so you can resolve problems with conception.

  • Planning software – As one of the best fertility monitors in the UK has an integrated conception planning software, which comes with an optional gender prediction function so you can know ahead of time if you are having a baby girl or a baby boy. This planning software can help confirm your pregnancy and expected due date, too.

  • Fully electronic – Digital fertility monitors have a built-in computer that can accurately calculate and determine results for a more effective and reliable way to plan your pregnancy.

About The Company:

Lady-Comp UK is the natural family planning store in the UK, and distributes the device known as Lady-Comp on a worldwide basis as the first natural contraception and family planning monitor in the world. It is among the Europe's most trusted and recommended natural contraception / family planning monitors.

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