Apple's green update is a big milestone

Posted by harsh sultayia on April 15th, 2022

Apple continues to encourage the alternative clean energy for itself and many suppliers worldwide over the past few years, with a total of 213 companies currently spread in 25 different countries (PDF) - from 3M to LG energy solutions and Samsung SDI Co to Yuto. This is an effort of the team that according to Apple will accelerate its progress towards the goal of making the entire supply chain neutral in 2030.



The progress made so far to add to what Apple said was a reduction of 13.9 million metric tons of carbon emissions throughout 2021. Apple claims which is equivalent to the emission level of nearly three million gas-powered vehicles driven for one year, or according to the EPA greenhouse gas conversion calculator , Annual emissions around four coal power plants. It is not clear whether these numbers are made solely made of companies to switch to green energy, or if the purchase of carbon offset is also included. So, if approximately 20% of Apple suppliers, the renewable energy mechanism is offset because the report shows, the actual number of carbon reduction can be a little closer to 11 million tons.


Clean energy is good for business and good for this planet,\" said Apple VP environment, policy, and social initiative, Lisa Jackson, in a press release, \"by sharing what we learned in our own transition to renewable energy, we help show the way towards a greener future. \"



In addition to bringing more suppliers and other partners on boats to further reduce its environmental impact, Apple has also helped several communities around the world affected by climate change. This includes supporting solar energy projects in Columbia, the Philippines and South Africa, with plans to develop through Israel, Nigeria, Thailand and Vietnam.


Projects like this, according to Apple, are intended to help these communities in various ways. From reducing their carbon footprint and saving money for energy costs, to supply work to the community by way of the project itself. It also believes that by spending less money for energy, the money can then be reinvested to these communities for economic and social support.


Another Apple goal stated about the reduction of carbon emissions is a policy change, which is said to have become a sustainable process with other companies and non-profit organizations to try and convince various governments to switch to renewable energy sources. It has become a kind of challenge, Apple reports, because fossil fuels have cost advantages because of government subsidies.

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