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Posted by Linda Share on May 17th, 2016

The moment someone hears the word “surveyor”, the name RICS comes into their mind. This name is, of course, not the commonest of names. Those who hire surveyors mostly know the name RICS. It is a well-known fact that when building surveys Brighton need to be conducted, an RICS member should be called. The role of chartered surveyors Brighton is multi-pronged and all the jobs that they perform have critical implications.

Safety is always the biggest priority when it comes to any building. No one even wants to enter a building that is deemed not to be safe enough. But how does one know that a particular building is safe or not? One certainly cannot take someone else’s words on face value. There has to be some form of certificate that shows the safety aspect of a building. This is possible when building surveys Brighton are done and the surveyor certifies a building to be safe. There are many home and building owners who get their building surveys done from time to time. This is not just to certify that the building is safe, but also to increase the sale value of the building. It doesn’t matter if someone is planning to buy an apartment or an independent house, they need to ensure safety and only a surveyor’s certificate is valid here.

In the UK, RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is the body that certifies and accredits the surveyors. When you are looking for chartered surveyors Brighton, RICS is the name that you need to keep in mind. An accredited chartered surveyors will always MRICS (Member of RICS) against their name and this tells you that they are authorized to conduct surveys. Once one of these people runs their survey and prepares their report, it can be used for each and every purpose, even in the courts of law.

Whereas there are specialists for building surveys Brighton, most of the chartered surveyors Brighton perform all kinds of surveys. For building surveys, the most important element is safety. A surveyor surveys new constructions at every stage to certify that it is safe. Surveys are also conducted when someone plans to expand or renovate their home. You know how stringent the rules related to these tasks are. A surveyor not only surveys the property to ensure that the expansion or renovation is being done as per the statutes of the law, but also that the neighbours are not inconvenienced. The Party Wall Act 1996 comes into play here and the surveyor is also authorized to send the relevant notices to the neighbours. Thus, for any building surveys Brighton, one of the top chartered surveyors Brighton should be hired.

Without the chartered surveyors Brighton, many legal issues would crop up and the courts could get choked. There is no need for anyone to get into these issues because a chartered surveyor can be easily hired. For building surveys Brighton and any other kind of survey, an RICS certified surveyor is the person you want.

For building surveys Brighton and all other kinds of surveys, you need a surveyor. For the most accurate results, hire one of the top chartered surveyors Brighton.

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