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Posted by Linda Share on May 17th, 2016

If you haven’t seen a surveyor at work, you haven’t missed much in terms of visual delight. But you should know that the job of a surveyor is critical. Wherever there are land and buildings involved, the surveyors Brighton are called for their expert assistance. While most of the surveyors are qualified enough to work in the different areas of surveying, there are some specialists among them too. For instance, whenever a survey needs to be conducted on a building, old or new, one of the top experts for building surveys Brighton is called for the work.

There are essentially two elements to the work of the surveyors Brighton. Well, there are many elements but as far as normal people are concerned, the areas where the surveyors are called relate to land and constructions. You will be aware of the fact that land is considered one of the most cherished commodities of all and fight erupt over inches of land. Neighbours have been known to go to the court to settle the smallest possible land disputes. A surveyor plays a highly important role here. If the surveyor hasn’t examined a piece of land and a case goes to the court, the order would be for a surveyor to survey the piece of land. This is the reason many landowners are proactive enough to hire a surveyor so that they can do their surveys from time to time.

There are various land related matters in the UK and the surveyors Brighton also help with these matters. For instance, it may be declared that a particular building is in a flood zone. The surveyor will run the necessary surveys and if they find that that is not the case, they will prepare a report and submit to FEMA so that the status of the building is changed.

Building surveys Brighton are specific to construction, both ongoing and existing. A building surveyor’s job is to assess the safety of a new construction, even before the construction work begins. This is done to ensure that the building is being constructed on a solid foundation. And throughout the various stages of the construction, the building surveyor is called for so that they can continue to certify the construction as safe.

Building surveys Brighton are also carried out on existing buildings. When someone plans to expand or renovate their home, the neighbours need to be informed so that they are not inconvenienced. The homeowners has to abide by the Party Wall Act 1996 to ensure that the neighbours are informed well in advance and all the legal issues related to the expansion or renovation are covered.

Essentially, these are the major jobs that the surveyors Brighton do. Their roles are highly critical and this is the reason they need to be certified by RICE. When you want to hire someone for building surveys Brighton, it is important that you ensure that they are RICS members. This will ensure that your job will be done without any future issues.

The top surveyors Brighton can be called upon for all survey related matters. For specific building surveys Brighton, you may want to call upon a building surveyor.

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