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Posted by Linda Share on May 17th, 2016

Building surveyors Brighton are professionals who make sure that the structure of a building is erected in the right manner as prescribed by the codes and law of the state. They ensure that the architectural plan of a building is approved by the set of guidelines and regulations of building construction set by the authority. The job of a surveyor Brighton may not be a popular one, but it is extremely important and indispensable as the professionals prevent the construction of buildings which might later become unsafe establishments, not only for its tenants but also for the neighbourhood.

A surveyor Brighton is hired for many kinds of projects. It is most common to get your building inspected by an experienced building surveyor before you decide on renovating your house or its surroundings. Surveyors also work on projects like refurbishing of hotels or construction of new apartments in place of old dilapidated houses. It is advisable that you consult a building surveyor Brighton even if you are getting a new construction in your lawn or putting up walls around your establishment in order to make sure that the new constructions comply to the guidelines and the structures erected are sound and robust.

One of the most common reasons to hire a building surveyor Brighton is for party wall surveying. It is important to anticipate how others would be affected by any new construction in your establishment. If this is not inspected by a surveyor Brighton, there might be a possibility of dispute between you and your neighbour in the future. It is also ethical to allow your neighbours their right of light. If the new building construction blocks the natural light that the neighbours used to receive previously, it is a breach of their right to light and they can legally sue the owner of the new construction.

There are other kinds of notices too that need to be given before going for a new construction, that a surveyor Brighton can inform you about. The ‘three metre notice’ has to be filed when there is a need for excavation within three metres of a neighbouring building to a depth that is deeper than the base of the neighbour’s foundations. A ‘party structure notice’ has to be given before making changes to a wall shared by two adjoining establishments. A ‘line of junction notice’ concerns construction of a new wall astride the boundary of a property. An appointed building surveyor Brighton can communicate between the parties in such cases as an arbitrator.

Building surveyors also work for both landlords as well as tenants and help them with legal advice related to residential property. In case of disputes regarding property or constructions on existing properties, a surveyor Brighton can communicate between the two parties and help them come to an amicable agreement. However, you should ensure that the building surveyor Brighton is impartial and unbiased while working on such cases. It is advisable to look for someone who has an ample amount of experience in his field. It is always better to look up testimonials and comments from a surveyor’s previous clients before appointing him or her.

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