Hire a Reliable Virtual Assistant for Business Growth

Posted by ricky26 on May 17th, 2016

The business landscape today is highly competitive and it has become difficult for entrepreneurs and business organizations to look after general administrative tasks as they are more focused on business expansion. Many entrepreneurs give secondary importance to administrative tasks or often run out of helping hands that assist in accomplishing these tasks and taking business to another levels. Ineffective execution of administrative tasks piles up the workload and increases the overhead expenses incurred by entrepreneurs and business organization, therefore, it is crucial to make sure that administrative tasks are carried out well. An entrepreneur or business organization that is lacking on competent staff that executes administrative tasks can avail services from virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant,often abbreviated as VA, is a professional who works from a remote location and offers expert technical, administrative and creative assistance to the clients. Virtual assistants help entrepreneurs and business organizations with myriad services such as responding e-mails, managing social media, accounting and bookkeeping, handling essential data, managing projects, finding and qualifying leads, scheduling appointments and many more. Virtual assistants take over the aforementioned administrative tasks and deliver them through technological devices such as fax, phone calls, e-mails and instant messengers. There are not one but many benefits for entrepreneurs and business organizations that hire virtual assistants. Some of the benefits of taking services from virtual assistants are mentioned below:  

  • Valuable Skills: These assistants are highly skilled and have a lot of experience in handling administration as well as other general tasks and this not only enhances the efficiency of the organization, but also saves the time spent in training newly appointed employees.
  •  Better than Hiring Full-Time Employees: Virtual assistants are not entitled to any employee benefits and hence, business organizations do not have to bear the cost of employee benefits such as health insurance, provident funds and tax savings.
  • Save on Office Space: Virtual assistants work from remote locations using their own resources and a business organization that has availed their services doesn’t need to provide the office space or equipment.
  • Payment on Project basis: Virtual assistants are paid according to the projects and an entrepreneur doesn’t need to pay them on monthly basis.

If you are someone who is looking to hire virtual assistants for your business then Red Butler is the ultimate solution for you. Red Butler is a renowned US based company that has a team of experienced virtual assistants that put their best foot forward to help your business grow faster. They offer comprehensive services that are helpful for business organizations and efficiently aid them to finish various tasks. They specialize in providing your business a reliable administrative assistantwho can look proficient take care of a wide array of organizational tasks.


About Red Butler:

Established in 2005, Red Butler is a leading company that excels in providing virtual office assistantand administrative support services to entrepreneurs and business organizations.For more details, visit Redbutler.com.

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