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Posted by abigaylemark on May 17th, 2016

When you plan to check into a bed & breakfast Surrey, you should know that the amenities that you get are basic. A hotel will be able to provide you with better amenities. However, it is the ambience of a B&B Surrey that makes you fall in love with these establishments. The British culture and heritage is intricately linked with the B&Bs that operate in the country. If you want to feel that old world charm of the British lifestyle, then this is the perfect mode of accommodation for you.

A bed & breakfast Surrey offers you what every other B&B in the country offers – a room to park yourself and breakfast in the morning. If you are thinking room service, then a B&B is not for you. In these establishments, you are on your own in terms of your food. Having said that, there are some amenities that are provided to you – your room is spacious and your bed is comfortable. You also get a shared bathroom to use. Some of the modern B&B establishments also offer you self-catering apartments if you are planning to spend 3 nights or more with them. However, this is an amenity that is provided by a few B&Bs and you should inquire in advance if you have the requirement.

Any top B&B Surrey also offer WiFi internet to its guests – some charge for the use of the internet and some provide it for free. If you intend to use the internet, it is a good idea to check out the arrangement before you book your stay.

But why then would you stay in a bed & breakfast Surrey when there are hotels with better amenities? There are various reasons and you can pick and choose.

·         The B&Bs are usually much more beautiful than hotels and you get that feeling of nostalgia the moment you walk into one. Many of these establishments are in independent houses and you never feel that you are away from home.

·         You also get a homelier atmosphere in a B&B Surrey, something that you can never experience in a hotel. You may find that a bed & breakfast Surrey is run by an elderly lady who instantly treats you as their son / daughter (or grandson / granddaughter depending on your age) and you get a strange sense of love and affection from her.

·         The top B&Bs are strategically located so that you are able to soak in the beauty of nature from your room. This is one big advantage when you compare with the modern glass and steel structures of the hotels. You can find a B&B Surrey near Heathrow and yet, it maintains its countryside charm.

The atmosphere of a hotel can be mechanical and stifling and you may not like it after a while. You can be completely on your own in a bed & breakfast Surrey with no one to bother you. Booking your B&B Surrey can be done online and the charges are really attractive.

Staying in a bed & breakfast Surrey makes you think of the times gone by. A B&B Surrey may not be ultramodern but therein lies its attraction.

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