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Posted by Brian Miller on May 17th, 2016

Today there is a gate automation technology that has enabled plenty of people boost security in their properties.   Among the gates you can have built are the automatic swing gates. For these, get high quality automatic gate kits online.  These can be used to install, repair or maintain your gate.

Swing gates can vary based on how they are built. The very first type of gate automation styles is the single and bi-parting/double swing gate.  The single gate is usually the cheapest and easiest to implement among all types of gate systems. It is easily automated too, and it is limited to gaps or widths of about sixteen feet. If you have gaps or entrances that are wider than sixteen feet, then there are matching gates for those.  

There are even gate operators or openers that are made to control gates that are up to twenty feet wide.  With regard to bi-parting or double swing gates, you cannot find any product that is less attractive. These are designed to be much larger that single swing ones and they can be up to thirty-two feet wide.  But there some that are less wide: twelve to twenty-four feet.  The thing to ensure when constructing these is to never leave a one inches space between leafs and to use grade beams.

As you pick your automatic gate kits online, consider talking to a swing gate installation expert to avoid making costly mistakes.  Then, consider the swing gate direction. Some of these gates swing in the property and they are much preferred.   But due to grades, you might be forced to build a gate that will swing out of the property. When this type of gate must be built, linear arm operators should be used to push the gate open and to pull it closed.

As for swing arm operators, any gate automation professional will not choose them for your projects. These are always installed outside the gate, leaving them vulnerable and in bad taste aesthetically.  As for the bottom clearance, three to six inches space beneath the gate is fine but commonly four to five inches are standard.  It is so imperative to enable the correct gap beneath the swing gate of any size so it does not look much like a fence or a gate that is floating in the air.  

Uphill swing gates are ideal too although they are designed for special situations.  They should be elevated to at least one inch or less per foot.  To allow the gate to rise when opening, the gate installer will most likely install an uphill hinge.  This sort of gate has a limitation though, as when opened it may push out a few inches. The next limitation is that a ball joint arm must be installed to help the gate swing easily.

Alternatively, the swing arm operator may be used or you can simply opt for the bi-parting gate type.  Therefore, as you select your swing gates consider getting the correct automatic gate kits online too. Also note that your installer might use adjustable swing gate hinges too to help support up to eight hundred pounds of gate weight.

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