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Posted by harsh sultayia on April 16th, 2022

Anyone with a large photo library on the iPhone they know it can be a little troublesome to find a certain image quickly, even if the photo is grouped into a folder. But it turns out iOS 15, iPados 15, and MacOS 12 Monterey does have a solution to it through direct text, although Apple does not seem interested in advertising this feature. On the one hand, Apple\'s silence about text directly makes sense, because the function is not too accurate at this time.

Apparently, as recorded by MacWorld, you can actually search manually through your photos by searching for certain subjects or even with text that might appear in the image. This is the type of thing that, on paper, must make it easier to find certain photos that you might want to pull for a moment. The problem is it doesn\'t get everything all the time, and his success feels like a coincidence.

Fortunately, it\'s just an optional photo search method - and perhaps the steady one will increase from time to time - but the problems that identify text, in particular, are just weird.

Being able to search through your \"photo\" application with the subject is not a new feature, but it\'s what you might ignore. What is basically done is trying to identify the image subject and match what you have typed. So, for example, the \"cat\" search must draw a photo of your cat.

You can do this in the \"Photo\" application itself by just tapping the search button on the bottom right of the screen, then type the subject you want to search for. This option is also available in the \"Photo\" application for Mac, and functions in the same way.

If you don\'t want or can\'t use the application, you can swipe from the iPhone or iPad home screen to draw a system search feature - Sorry, Mac users, but Spotlight search doesn\'t work in the same way, because it only looks at the file name. After you draw a system search on your device, you only need to type the subject you are looking for and tap the search, then scroll down the page until you find the photo section. From there you can tap one of the photos drawn to view it or tap the search in the application to attract complete search results in the application itself.

If you search for certain words in your photo, you will not be able to use searches in the application in \"Photos\" because for some reason it does not support it. Instead, you must draw a system search on your iPhone or iPad by swiping from the center of the Home screen.

As before, you have to type the word you are looking for and scroll down to photos from the application results section, but not like the word subject search, the search is not too accurate. For example, our search for \"sesame\" to find photos from the Jim Henson exhibition at the Moving Image Museum did not draw photos of the Sesame Street part of the exhibition, but looking for \"roads\" - sometimes. Next time looking for \"The\" interesting Sesame Street Signage even though the word doesn\'t appear on the photo at all.

Obviously, the search for text-powered photos directly has a lot of space for repairs, but has the potential to be a much easier way to find photos of signs or documents that might be buried.

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