All You Need To Know About Men?s Fashion Clothing?

Posted by Roger fink on May 18th, 2016

There was a time when fashion was only considered for women but somewhere around 17th century men were also included in this category.  Initially, these were considered as the ‘peacocks of fashion’ under which males wore highly decorative breeches that were covered with bows and lace made from finest satin and silk. These were supposed to be impeccably neat carved from white linen shirts and very lavish cravats. These were covered by overcoats known as justaucorps which were embellished with lavish buttons and a gold braid which stretched from chin till knee.

This kind of taste was considered as epitome of fine taste, however, after the French Revolution there came a drastic change in the taste. This was replaced by starkness, simplicity, and refinement. The same trend is still leading the fashion lines but the length has gone down and the pants have been replaced by Chubbies shorts sale, men’s swim trunks, as well as men’s embroidered belts. But a few years back, it was the quality of well-tailored suits carved from finest cloth became the prerequisite of position determination in society. The tales of dandy, Beau Brummel, established the benchmark of restraint and cleanliness in male attires. The man was credited with establishing and introducing the beginning of modern men’s clothing suits.

In year 1818, it was Harry Sands Brooks formed Brooks Brothers which is one of the first retailers in America. The company has been known for supplying US military uniforms for more than 100 years. The brand is known for bringing-in some of the biggest innovations line seersucker suits, button down collar shorts for polo matches, polyester shirts, Shetland wool sweaters, and beachwear’s made from Madras plaid. The company was successful in attracting great business from celebrities such as Rolling Stones and several other pop stars. In year 1988, it was brought by London’s Marks and Spencer.

Post the Second World War, America influenced the whole world with readymade clothing trend. Several designers like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren became the biggest men’s casual clothing stylist. There were several others in rest parts of the world like Giorgio Armani who came up with line of easy fitting clothes and thus loose clothes became the language of new fashion. Even some Japanese designers like Rei and Yamamoto were successful in creating new ripples across the market on account of their new styles. This is a brief history of men’s fashion clothing which is now one of the biggest and most successful trends in the whole world.

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