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Posted by directcleaners on May 18th, 2016

Either it is outdoor or indoor, Games are fun because they make us think and they allow us to spend time with people whose company we enjoy. All of these games fall right in line with that spirit. It represents that your childhood was amazing. You were just walking down the memory lane in your dreams.

The fact that chess, snooker and snakes and ladders have originated in India.

It is also called Saanp Seedi, Saanp aur Seedhi, Mokshapat, Ludo, Vaikunthapali, Paramapada Sopana Patam, Gyan Chauper, Jnan Chauper in some places. Moksha Patama (kailash pattam) was invented in India near about in the 16th century. Now this game is known as Snake and Ladder. Later Moksha Patama game gradually evolved and got modified into Present form of Snakes and Ladders The cardinal concept was introduced in the USA (United States) as Chutes and Ladders. In 1943, an improved modern version of England's famous indoor sport by game explorer Milton Bradley.

This game was used in India as a medium to teach about Karma. It had spiritual places in increasing order like if you land on a box called sin you are bit by snake and land on the land of devil spirit. So it was invented as a moral teaching game. Final goal was reaching mountain of Shiva and landing on squares with good deeds take you towards the mountain of Shiva. So snakes and ladders were invented to teach moral values.

Gradually most of the games are computer games, but I remember playing board games in school days and playing Snake on Dad's cell phone also. It has been a game passed from generations to generations .But nowadays anybody can play their favorite game at their fingertip. A classic board game Snake and Ladder called Sap Sidi is now in android devices. Various Android application offer the ability to customize the game to suit the needs of different children. Your device can also be simulated as another player and you can enjoy the game alone. You can play as 1 player, 2 player, 3 player or 4 player.

Besides a means of entertainment,Snake and Ladder Dice Game game has various educational benefits which teaches social skills such as interacting with other people, taking turns, and learning to follow the rules. Goal is to win the game in less number of turns, try to catch the Ladder and Save our-self from the Bite of snake. There are no fixed strategies while playing, SAP SIDI game. Straight forwards rules. Whoever reaches the number 100 and then home from number 1 grid first,wins ! It is a game of luck so try to catch the ladder and save yourself from snake bite.

A revamped Snakes and Ladders game is now free to play.So, download the game, enjoy with your friends and relatives on your android devices and let the fun begin. A better graphics making the game as one of the best android game available for Sap Sidi.

Come and download it now!

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